French Government Selects SAP for Bellwether Transformation Initiative

Following careful consideration of solutions presented by SAP and competitors, including Oracle, the French government found SAP applications to demonstrate higher functional and technical quality. In particular, the government chose SAP applications based on the software’s stronger capabilities and suitability for supporting the administration’s “Chorus” program, a modernization effort toward implementing the country’s Constitutional Bylaw on Budget Acts, or Loi Organique relative aux Lois de Finances (LOLF). The bylaw is designed to make public spending more transparent and to improve performance measurement across all levels of public administration.
Adopting best management practices from SAP’s public sector solution portfolio, the modernization project is intended to create a new three-dimensional accounting system covering budgeting, fiscal year accounting and cost analysis. The deployment of SAP for Public Sector solutions on the SAP NetWeaver platform is expected to serve up to 25,000 users by 2009.
“SAP is proud to be chosen as the catalyst for this transformation,” said Léo Apotheker, member of the executive board, SAP. “With SAP NetWeaver as the platform for collaboration, information availability and transparency across all levels of government, the SAP for Public Sector portfolio provides the best-suited solutions to enable innovation, higher public value at lower costs and a broad range of best practices in government accountability and performance management. As one of the most significant public sector transformation efforts in Europe, the SAP rollout for the French government stands to become a beacon and benchmark for governments and public organizations worldwide.”

Source: SAP AG