Intelligroup Implements SAP Transportation Management Solution for Tennant Company

A holistic solution for an integrated transport management system was achieved using SAP XSI, to efficiently manage packages and parcel carrier systems. The transportation management solution is expected to significantly reduce costs by increasing shipment accuracy, efficiency, and reducing excess freight costs. Intelligroup developed this solution using the Standard ASAP methodology and the built-in capabilities of the SAP Transportation Module. The integrated solution leverages the SAP NetWeaver Technologies to communicate with carrier systems. This involved integrating the solution using SAP XI 3.0 (Exchange infrastructure) for manifesting and tracking, thus allowing for complete visibility of a package within the SAP system. Through this solution, Intelligroup accomplished the primary goal of eliminating stand-alone carrier systems and implementing a single solution that integrated Tennant’s existing SAP system with third-party logistic carrier systems through the implementation of XI (Exchange Infrastructure).
“Our SAP TMS project brings Tennant a more standard use of SAP while taking advantage of new SAP technologies such as XI and XSI. It will increase our efficiency and customer service offerings. We selected Intelligroup to assist with the implementation because they understood our total business needs, and we were pleased with the results,” said John Nolan, executive in charge of Global Transportation at Tennant Company. “The new TMS technology will make system maintenance and upgrades simpler while also streamlining the TMS business processes”, said Russell Riggen, Senior Vice President, Intelligroup, “We are proud of our on-going relationship with Tennant Company and our ability to provide solutions to meet their business objectives.”

Source: Intelligroup