SAP Recognized as a Leader in Order Management Cycle Functionality

“First in the order hub Wave, SAP takes top honors,” writes R “Ray” Wang in the April 2006 report. “SAP delivers functionality for OMC processes, with order capture to order fulfillment scoring in the top three among the 12 solutions evaluated. Strengths include leading functionality for leasing and rentals, demand planning, radio frequency (RF) picking, spare parts, warranty, installation and repair scheduling, as well as preventative maintenance.” To assess the state of the OMC market, Forrester analyzed strengths and weaknesses of the top vendors across 115 criteria that incorporated current offering, strategy and market presence.
“Forrester’s recognition of Order Hubs certifies the value of integration across the traditional boundaries of CRM, ERP and SCM to create a unified presentation of information on complex order processes,” said Ellen Minter, senior vice president, Solution Marketing – Applications and Suite, SAP AG. ”We are honored and feel this report is not only testament to SAP’s 30 years of business process expertise but also supports our next generation architectural innovation.”
SAP is the only vendor that delivers the best balance between business process expertise and order hub infrastructure with mySAP Business Suite. The order management capabilities from mySAP Business Suite provide a consolidated process for developing and fulfilling orders by connecting numerous areas of the enterprise infrastructure to guide transactions from opportunity management to order fulfillment to cash.
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Source: SAP AG