HP and SAP Introduce Central Print Management in SAP NetWeaver

SAP has selected HP’s print and output management technology as its preferred strategic platform, and the companies will jointly develop output management solutions to help customers more rapidly and reliably manage information throughout their organizations. With HP central print management capabilities in SAP NetWeaver, customers can define, manage and track document delivery for business-critical processes from a single location. This helps streamline business workflows, reduce administration costs and increase reliability of printing in document-dependent business processes.
The unified interface also will help companies improve the reliability of print output, optimize printer use and increase control over the SAP enterprise-wide printing landscape. These new capabilities are planned to be available in June to customers running mySAP Business Suite applications and using SAP NetWeaver. “When we learned of the joint relationship between HP and SAP, it confirmed our earlier decision to select HP Output Server as our output management solution,” said Jim Stachowiak, senior technical consultant, Moen Incorporated. “As a current customer of both HP Output Server and SAP, we are planning to deploy the SAP NetWeaver platform to leverage their flexible business processes, and we are thrilled with the possibilities of a tighter alliance between these two partners.”
With SAP NetWeaver as its preferred platform for a future suite of information delivery, job bursting and web delivery offerings, HP plans to make it easier for customers to integrate enterprise applications with multi-channel output management web services. “With SAP NetWeaver, HP is helping customers eliminate costly and time-consuming breakdowns in their information supply chain,” said Sharon Jones, vice president, Connectivity, LaserJet Business, HP. “Our collaboration with SAP furthers our long history of improving the productivity and streamlining the processes of our customers’ information workflows.”
HP also plans to collaborate with SAP on applying output management technology to solve customer problems in industries such as manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, financials and retail. The companies additionally plan to jointly develop SAP NetWeaver output management web services interfaces to streamline print and output management across the SAP Systems landscape. This includes the worldwide distribution and support for the central print management capabilities in SAP NetWeaver by SAP. “SAP selected HP for its unique output management competencies,” said Klaus Kreplin, executive vice president, SAP NetWeaver, SAP. “In fact, over 10 years ago we jointly developed the Extended Output Management interface (BC-XOM) for SAP applications. Our long history of success in working together to address customer delivery challenges is now moving to a new phase.”
HP also is adopting service-oriented architecture (SOA)-based technologies to make it easier for customers to take advantage of output management technology in many more business processes than currently possible. Easier integration, customization and extension will help drive the cost-of-ownership down and expand access to this critical technology. Using HP SOA offerings, customers seeking advanced multi-channel information delivery will be able to seamlessly upgrade from central print management to future deployments of HP Output Management, expected to be available in late 2006.

Source: SAP AG