SAP Ecosystem Unites to Bring Innovation to Chemicals Industry

Members of the IVN for chemicals collaborate to deliver solutions and integration scenarios that address key industry-wide pain points such as price and margin management, predictive process control and optimization and environmental compliance. Applications will leverage the SAP NetWeaver platform, resulting in quick implementations and increased operational efficiencies. Chemical industry giants including Celanese, Dow Corning, DuPont, Eastman Chemical Company, Hexion Specialty Chemicals and NOVA Chemicals will work with SAP and the IVN for chemicals program partners, including IBM Global Business Services, Invensys, LogicTools, Meridium, NRX, OR Soft, OSIsoft, Pavilion Technologies, SmartOps Corporation, TATA Consultancy Services, TechniData and Vendavo.

NOVA Chemicals pilot success with IVN

NOVA Chemicals, which piloted a project with the IVN for chemicals program, has already measured success. “Our pilot experience working with SAP and Pavilion Technologies enabled us to identify significant opportunities to make reliable decisions based on instantaneous and predictive insight into production performance and market demands,” said John Wheeler, CIO, NOVA Chemicals. “This new capability provided by the solution from SAP and Pavilion allows us to tighten operations, improve plant asset utilization and increase visibility into operations, costs and the supply chain.”
“This IVN from SAP is an important innovation for the chemicals industry,” said Ralph Carter, president and CEO, Pavilion Technologies. “By engaging best-in-class companies to share their experience, identify value opportunities and develop solutions, SAP is helping the chemicals industry to be well poised to leverage emerging technology and architectures to achieve the next level of IT transformation. Working with SAP, our solution offering is bringing extensive benefits to our customers, creating a unified, predictive view of manufacturing throughout the enterprise. Leveraging integrated business and production processes is only possible with strong collaboration between the solution vendors and a robust technology platform to deliver demonstrable customer value.”

SAP Ecosystem Framework

On April 18, SAP launched its Enterprise Services Community, which serves as the backbone of the IVN for chemicals program (see April 18, 2006 press release titled, “SAP Launches Enterprise Services Community to Fuel Co-Innovation with Customers and Partners”). The community is a collaborative, cross-industry program bringing together partners and customers from diverse industries to share ideas for and innovations in enterprise services, which provide the common business language that enables disparate software applications and infrastructure products to communicate. Because customers, partners and SAP are driving the standardization of enterprise services, they enable more plug-and-play between solutions built along the lines of those definitions, significantly reducing the cost of integration.
These services enable companies to compose business processes that reach across IT system and company boundaries within an enterprise service-oriented architecture. The Enterprise Services Community provides the forum for defining enterprise services, while the IVN provides the opportunity to work collaboratively with SAP on business solutions and process innovation and integration, leveraging enterprise services.
“With the IVN program for chemicals, SAP and its partners are bringing unmatched industry expertise, best practice business processes and platform leadership – plus the overall power of the ecosystem – to tackle and solve our customers’ most critical business requirements,” said Franz Hero, director, Chemicals industry business unit, SAP. “Most importantly, the IVN further empowers customers to be active participants in the SAP ecosystem and key contributors to innovating new business processes relevant to their individual needs.”

Source: SAP AG