SAP Extends Safe Passage Program with TomorrowNow Support Offering

TomorrowNow, a subsidiary of SAP America, Inc., the leading provider of third-party maintenance and support since 2002, now delivers support for Siebel 5.x, 6.x, 7.0x, 7.5x, and 7.7x applications for periods of up to 10 years, with new fixes, 24×7 availability, 30-minute response times, and up to 50 percent cost savings on annual support fees. TomorrowNow services for Siebel customers will be available two ways: bundled as part of the Safe Passage program, a package of software and services to introduce Siebel customers to market-leading customer relationship management (CRM) solutions from SAP; and directly from TomorrowNow for customers who choose to maintain their Siebel solutions but who want to find costs savings in their support services. The announcement was made on the eve of SAPPHIRE ’06, SAP’s international customer conference, being held in Orlando, Florida, May 16-18.
Available now to Siebel customers worldwide who are eligible for third-party support, the new program for Siebel customers delivers skilled support from highly responsive engineers. Provided through support facilities around the world and centered at TomorrowNow’s new support office in the Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, the Siebel support team is led by John Tanner, global director of Siebel Services at TomorrowNow. The new program will also provide auxiliary services to Siebel customers.
“We’re pleased to offer qualifying Siebel software customers a highly experienced Siebel support team with a proven track record, leveraging the same mission-critical delivery systems, infrastructure and methodologies enjoyed for years by our PeopleSoft and J.D. Edwards customers,” said Andrew Nelson, president and CEO of TomorrowNow. “We give customers expert support within minutes of their calls for help. We provide this pioneering support model for longer support periods than other vendors – all at a cost savings of up to 50 percent. Our clients save money and gain the time they need to plan their enterprise software strategies at a pace that works for their own organizations.”
The new TomorrowNow support program provides additional value to the previously-announced Safe Passage offer from SAP, providing a cost-effective alternative for Siebel customers seeking to escape an uncertain future of their CRM solutions in the wake of Oracle’s acquisition of Siebel (see Oct. 17, 2005 press release titled, “SAP Extends Successful Safe Passage Program to Siebel Customers”). The Safe Passage program for Siebel customers combines licensing credits; a value engineering assessment; conversion tools, implementation methodologies and services from SAP and its partners; and project team and end-user training. The offer has already signed numerous Siebel customers and now will leverage the TomorrowNow support solution to maximize the benefits. With TomorrowNow on board to provide legacy support for Siebel customers, the number of deals is expected to grow as Siebel customers consider the stability and business application leadership of SAP.

Source: SAP AG