SAP Unveils SAP Test Data Migration Server

SAP Test Data Migration Server simplifies the process of extracting representative application data from a productive system and standardizes the set-up of non-productive systems, thereby supporting customers by making their business application testing activities easier and more robust. This reduces costs and time while increasing test quality in real-life test environments. Enterprises run non-productive development and quality systems to simulate customized developments and evaluate them against real data or prepare their system landscapes for software implementations and upgrades. Building a non-productive system often entails replicating a productive system, including all its stored data, which is a time-consuming task that requires a lot of storage and creates ongoing hardware costs. SAP Test Data Migration Server uses standardized set-up processes, thereby eliminating the need to create such development or quality systems manually. Companies can save weeks in retrieving representative data for testing or development purposes and reduces the amount of data in the target systems.
Pricing of the SAP Test Data Migration Server software is based on the database size of the customer’s productive system. The customer can then use the software to create an unlimited number of non-productive systems which are derived from data of the licensed productive system. While using the SAP Test Data Migration Server software, customers will benefit from:

  • Cost savings brought on by the reduced need for storage resulting from having less data in non-productive environments.
  • Shorter development cycles through more efficient creation of test scenarios.
  • Flexibility when upgrading SAP R/3 applications, setting up test or training environments, debugging code changes or enhancing SAP R/3 components.
  • Increased flexibility in refreshing test data by enabling the move of data within individual system clients.

Behr Group significantly improves testing processes

“The SAP Test Data Migration Server software enables us to significantly improve the quality of our in-house development, because development work is no longer interrupted by repeated time-consuming transports for testing purposes,” said Alexander Angermann, SAP basis lead, Behr Group. “With SAP Test Data Migration Server we are able to massively reduce the amount of data in our non-productive systems by more than 70 percent.”
“Today, the increased reliance on IT requires support departments to quickly adapt to changing business requirements and meet the challenge of delivering exceptional service,” said Peter Kirschbauer, general manager of SAP Custom Development, SAP. “The SAP Test Data Migration Server software enables our customers to increase efficiency while reducing cost when engaging in new software enhancements, implementations, upgrades and training.” To support customers with the implementation of the Test Data Migration Server software SAP offers a bundle of services to aid set-up and to fully leverage the benefits of the software.

Source: SAP AG