TBC Corporation Makes Safe Passage to SAP

The announcement was made at Retail Systems 2006 Conference and Exposition, being held in Chicago, Illinois, May 21-24. TBC turned to SAP for a clearly defined road map to consolidate its multiple subsidiaries onto one common platform in order to gain better insight into its core business processes and overall operations. After an extensive competitive review process, TBC chose SAP over other retail business solution providers to drive this company-wide transformation and establish a strategic foundation for business efficiency and future growth. TBC will leverage SAP for Retail to increase top-line growth, improve efficiency and manage their retail, wholesale and franchise lines of business.
“We realized that the business processes that we needed to implement were becoming more complex and the technologies that we currently have in place could not support them,” said Larry Day, president and CEO, TBC Corporation. “After a detailed review of the market, we concluded that SAP was the only software vendor with the proven solutions and the expertise to help us transform our organization.”
TBC also selected the SAP NetWeaver platform to standardize its primary business units. SAP NetWeaver will enable the company to share and consolidate business practices and processes to increase profitability, lower costs and drive innovation. Integrating data and standardizing on the SAP NetWeaver platform will help TBC provide the critical business capabilities necessary to respond to customer demand with agility, innovate quickly and foster efficient supplier and trading relationships – elements that are key to the company’s success.
“We are committed to building a strong relationship to help TBC Corporation realize its strategic objectives and execute on its mission of providing innovative solutions for the automotive replacement market,” said Bill McDermott, president and CEO, SAP Americas. “Customers have a mandate to grow their businesses today. The Safe Passage program provides companies with a proven and affordable road map to protect their current investments and to begin the process of innovating their businesses today.”

Source: SAP AG