The ‘City of Light’ Illuminates with SAP

On the occasion of the opening of its largest annual customer conference, SAPPHIRE ’06, SAP AG announced that the host city’s government has selected SAP’s flagship ERP application to modernize the city’s IT environment and to serve as the city’s central backbone to integrate core financial processes. The city of Paris will replace its existing financial software with mySAP ERP to help structure its central operations. The ‘City of Light’ joins an ever-growing cadre of federal, state and local governments around the world choosing applications from the SAP for Public Sector solution portfolio to manage their operations.
The city will run SAP’s integrated solution set designed for public entities to gain increased transparency into financial operations to help public officials improve services and make more informed decisions about public services for the 2.1 million inhabitants of the French capital. The SAP system will also enable the city to build practices and processes influenced by the newly enforced constitutional bylaw (Loi Organique des Lois de Finances, or LOLF), passed by the French parliament to provide increased transparency on public spending.
As part of the selection process, Paris city officials evaluated several software vendors and consulted with comparable city governments, including Vienna, Madrid and Paris sister city Rome, all which have chosen SAP. In addition to extensive public sector experience, the city was also seeking a solution that would support its move to an open source environment. City officials were impressed by SAP’s accomplishments in this area, such as porting SAP solutions to run on Linux as early as 1999 and the company’s continuing support for open source databases. City officials also consider SAP NetWeaver a great technical platform to power the city’s current and future application infrastructure, as the platform’s open and standards-based approach allows customers the broadest possible choice in their technology road maps.
“The financial system will be the backbone that allows us to manage all the processes of both the department and the city,” said Pierre Guinot-Delery, general secretary, Paris City Council.
Accenture, with the contribution of SAP Consulting, has been selected to manage the implementation, training and rollout of the financial system. mySAP ERP will be used by up to 2,000 users progressively from beginning of the first quarter of 2007 until completion of the rollout at the beginning of 2008.
“Governments around the globe face the challenge of modernizing and integrating their IT systems while providing transparency in public spending,” said Léo Apotheker, president and member of the executive board, SAP. “Increasingly, public sector organizations are relying on SAP. Our integrated solutions provide the City of Paris with a modern and flexible infrastructure to help the city monitor and analyze its financial systems—in real-time. As a resident of Paris, I’m particularly proud that SAP will play the lead role in this government modernization effort.”
The city of Paris joins a growing number of French public sector organizations that are choosing SAP solutions to streamline their financial operations to improve operational efficiency and responsiveness, including most recently the French Government with the CHORUS project, the French National Forestry Office (ONF), and the National Center of Scientific Research (CNRS).

Source: SAP AG