Wellborn Cabinet Inc. Selects SAP Business One for Its Dealer Network

The selection marks a significant addition to the growing number of large enterprises deploying SAP Business One as a powerful and unified business management platform into their ecosystems to open up new avenues to efficiency, integrated business management and visibility across operating locations, dealer networks and subsidiary locations. The announcement was made at SAPPHIRE ’06, SAP’s international customer conference, being held in Orlando, Florida, May 16 – 19
With delivery and support provided by certified SAP partners Automated Solutions Enterprises (ASE) and IMG Americas, Inc., Wellborn Inc. expects several hundred installations across its dealer network to move to SAP Business One over the next 24 months to achieve seamless integration with the mySAP Business Suite deployment at its headquarters site. The dealers, which are mainly using accounting software from Quickbooks today, will benefit from the ability to manage their entire businesses in real time, as events occur, with SAP Business One – software designed specifically to provide small and midsize enterprises with integrated business management capabilities and a single, accurate source of all critical business data.
“Our dealers are convinced by business value and results only – and this is what SAP Business One offers,” said Stanley Ezzell, vice president of Strategic Initiatives at Wellborn Inc. “We have invested in finding the very best possible solution available with a good cost/performance ratio. Our dealers are accepting it because they realize the potential and the support for their growth strategies it is providing. SAP Business One enables integration to provide high-level insight while easily drilling down to the low-level details for decision support services.”
SAP Business One is seamlessly integrated with mySAP Business Suite so that companies can unify the entire business ecosystem of headquarters, operating divisions, subsidiaries, trading partners, customers and suppliers. This integration is powered by the SAP NetWeaver platform, which enables visibility and efficiency as well as data and process handling across the entire dealer network, making it easier for the dealers to operate with Wellborn when it comes to processes such as order management. “Many of us have reached the limits of the systems we are currently working with and need a solution that can support our business strategy for growth,” said Greg Scirrotto, owner of LaBella Kitchens, one of Wellborn’s dealers in Florida. “With SAP Business One, we found all the business management functionality we need in an easy-to-use application that allows us to focus on the business and not on the technology.”
Wellborn, an SAP customer since 2003, is collaborating with ASE and IMG Americas to take advantage of the SAP software’s flexibility to add new capabilities for managing additional processes. With ASE, the company developed a custom wireless scanning utility for receiving and distribution, as well as an order downloads function to import orders from Wellborn’s online site to create purchase and sales orders at the line item level of detail. The partners are also responsible for the design, customization and implementation of the SAP solution for Wellborn. “We are committed to working alongside Wellborn and its dealers as they are realizing a strategy of close integration and further growth within their network,” said Michael Sotnick, senior vice president, Small and Midsize Enterprises, SAP America, Inc. “Working together with our partners ASE and IMG Americas we will support Wellborn’s present and future demands and jointly bring their business to the next level of success.”

Source: SAP AG