170 Systems Achieves SAP Integration Certification for 170 MarkView

Tightly integrated with customers’ ERP systems, the 170 MarkView Financial Suite is proven to help finance departments in the world’s largest organizations transform financial operations and improve finance performance by reducing costs, strengthening internal controls and compliance, improving service levels, quickly accessing powerful operational information, and extending finance processes directly to business units.
“By fulfilling SAP’s rigorous certification requirements for document management, we’re assuring customers of our deep commitment to the support of SAP solutions with state-of-the-art compatibility,” said Karl Bitter, Chairman and Chief Technology Officer of 170 Systems. “We fully recognize the significance of customers’ investments and strive to simultaneously deliver unique value in the finance arena and unmatched ERP system integration, so that customers can continue to extend the strategic value of their SAP solutions.”

170 MarkView Financial Suite

The 170 MarkView Financial Suite features solutions for Accounts Payable, Expense Management, Procurement, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, Asset Management and Project Re-Billing. Each combines best practice workflows, imaging technology and unparalleled ERP-system integration to deliver seamless solutions that transform multi-step, multi-person tasks into as few as five steps, and ensure consistent, cost-effective and timely handling of all transactions.
With 170 MarkView for Accounts Payable, all invoices are integrated into the ERP system at the outset of the process using high-volume imaging for paper documents and document rendering for electronic invoices. 170 MarkView uses OCR to pre-populate ERP data, which ensures that all documents and information are permanently associated with the ERP transaction record, eliminating the need for cross-indexing or manual data reentry, as found in a loosely coupled imaging system. Workflow is utilized so that all participants in an invoice’s approval cycle are prompted for their approval in a coordinated and timely fashion. For non-ERP-system users to participate in the approval process, 170 MarkView Express provides a powerful business user portal with a simple, browser-based interface, complete with approval and mark-up tools with which to approve and/or annotate an invoice. Additionally, all relevant data and backup documentation associated with a transaction is stored with the record in the ERP system and remains readily accessible so that audits are easier and less costly to perform.

Source: 170 Systems