Formula 1-Team McLaren Mercedes Formula 1 Teams up with SAP-Power for the Race

The itelligence solution for the automobile industry integrates data from program planning, design, assembling and production across the company in one IT system. During the introduction of SAP at Mercedes-Benz HighPerformanceEngines Ltd., the focus was on themes such as: supporting project planning for current and future engine development, steering design changes, planning assembly, inventory and quality control during production. These steps will allow for technical improvements to be implemented more safely and in a shorter period of time. Available development and production resources can be better planned allowing for further future successes.
Product structure and change management from the SAP Product-Life-Cycle-Management-System mySAP PLM were used to support the engineering. Pre-existing model and design management for CAD System CATVIA V5 was tied in via SAP NetWeaver Exchange Infrastructure (SAP XI). This allows for new part numbers and revisions to be immediately transferred into the CAD modeling. The SAP solution itself was used for planning the development and test activities as well as parts-list changes and clearance.
Ola Kaellenius, Managing Director at Mercedes-Benz HighPerformanceEngines Ltd. said, “The conversion of a large part of our company IT landscape has provided the basis for more efficient processes and better data transparency. This in turn will reduce cost and helps us focus our resources on technical development strengths that will contribute to the future success of our Formula 1 programme. Here we expect a good return on investment. itelligence successfully implemented this project on schedule and within budget”.
Andrea Byrd, SAP Project Manager at Mercedes-Benz HighPerformanceEngines Ltd added, “We are very satisfied with the improvement in systems integration for engineering, production and planning. In our very fast moving Formula 1 business, we had a need to define and implement efficient processes and systems. Itelligence expertly advised us with their broad business experience and extremely substantial SAP knowledge. They definitely worked shoulder to shoulder with our in-house team throughout the project”. Another factor contributing to the success of the project was itelligence’s integrated services approach through which it.automotive company software is outsourced to itelligence’s own computer center in Germany. This data can be accessed by Mercedes-Benz HPE staff from sites in the UK and Germany, as well any trackside venues that they attend.
According to Ian Hayward, Project Manager for itelligence Great Britain, “itelligence was able to use all the advantages of an international project team to complement the international nature of the final project solution. The Mercedes-Benz HighPerformanceEngines Project Team had direct access to data regarding various engine components via it.automotive as this data is now stored in a single, integrated data bank. The documentation belonging to every individual component – such as development level, batch information, quality data, production requirements, warehouse and delivery status – is accessible worldwide“. Formula 1 engines and their components are absolutely unique, whether created for racing use or testing. The SAP solution assists in an exact piece-list configuration, targeted planning for every engine and serial number and batch management.
The quantity structure that is created and maintained in the system also allows for an exact calculation of the components and the engines. When combined with the planning carried out by SAP for these components, precise budget planning and control for the racing industry becomes possible. This makes it easier to spend money where it counts – in creating a competitive advantage. Michael Vollmer, Manager of SAP Solutions for itelligence and Quality Management of the project explained, “Extreme precision and sustained quality control assisted in the precise implementation of this complex project at Mercedes-Benz HighPerformanceEngines. We will begin the first half of 2006 by extending the full implementation to the Mercedes-Benz HighPerformanceEngines German project team”.

Source: itelligence AG