SCHEMA and SEAL Systems will cooperate

Now customers can completely integrate their documentation processes into financial course of business. They will profite with the fast, secure and cost-effective documentation generation and distribution at every production process steps. Technical documentation and product information are an essential part of machines, plants or devices. Usually they are generated, administrated and produced separately from order processing in inherent systems like SCHEMA ST4. This disconnected processing of technical product information for shaping of semi-structured data is reasonable and efficient, because editing processing systems have specific requirements. But until now, the standardized integration of documentation processes into financial courses of business was missing. Besides the connection of the editing process system SCHEMA ST4 with SAP R/3 as the central control and administrating component for the whole order process, this also includes the integration into a system for information and document preparation and distribution like the Digital Process Factory (DPF) from SEAL Systems.

The Problem in the company: many different data types

As well as the administration of engineering data like CAD drawings has been adapted to SAP systems, now this integration is done for product information. There are three different main data types for product information in the enterprise. They require different handling by the processing systems:

  1. ERP data: it is very granular, mostly single numbers and data, which image the financial processes like order management, calculations etc. These are administrated withing SAP R/3.
  2. PDF data: this industry standard works as an information container, which is closed and not supposed for further contents-related editing. They especially work as information archiving and distribution tool (eg certification documents, OEM data etc).
  3. XML data: this is the “raw data” for most different technical texts, like manuals, catalogs etc. They have to be parted in different formats as modules and are to be stored neutrally, that means, for no specific media.

SAP R/3 controls, SCHEMA ST4 produces, DPF assembles and distributes

The mutual solution from SEAL Systems and SCHEMA for the integration of semi-structured data into the SAP environment provides the bidirectional adaption of SCHEMA ST4 and SAP R/3. This includes the meta data, status and versions as well as automated creation and the automatec filling of structures out of SCHEMA ST4. Away from that, the documentation generation via SAP R/3 integrations and DPF (Digital Process Factory) from SEAL Systems. DPF is the market leading solution for automatic creation of documents and manuals for electronic distribution and printing in PDF format.
Stefan Freisler, managing director of SCHEMA GmbH comments: “The close cooperation with SEAL Systems leads to an optimal realisation of efficient processes and support for the customers. The documentation processes are now controlled centrally with the customer’s ERP system SAP R/3.” And Johannes Hesel from SEAL Systems adds: „The process and system integration, beginning from creation until distribution of product information, provides complete new methods for our customers. No matter, which data is created at the beginning, you always get the right output, in the right format just in time.”

Source: SEAL Systems