Fuchs Entrusts American SAP Systems to Freudenberg-IT

The international lubricant manufacturer Fuchs has developed a regional ‘cluster concept’ for its IT system environment in America and Europe. As part of the implementation of this concept, the company is set to introduce the SAP standard business management software as its central ERP system in the USA. The company aims to emulate the current European SAP model. The SAP system is due to begin operating in fall 2006, making SAP business management applications available to around 500 users at 17 sites. The American subsidiary’s SAP systems will operate from F-IT’s data center in Durham (North Carolina, USA). Fuchs will be taking advantage of the F-IT Compact product, which uses the Linux operating system and Oracle databases.
F-IT won the contract for SAP hosting ahead of several other IT service providers, both American and international. The favorable decision was based on F-IT’s good price-performance ratio and proven record of cooperation with Fuchs in Germany, as well as its global expertise in SAP outsourcing. “F-IT optimally fulfills our requirements of a global service provider with multi-national operations covering America and Europe. We will benefit from a standardized data center with comprehensive monitoring and the most up-to-date solutions,” says Bernd Rothacker, IT Director at Fuchs Petrolub AG. “Once again, we have proven our capability as a global SAP hosting partner. Our uniform data center operations enable us to standardize our customer’s global SAP systems. We are ideally placed to help our customers significantly and permanently reduce the operating costs of their SAP system environments,” says Oliver Koban, F-IT International Hosting Service Field Manager.

Source: Freudenberg-IT