Implementation of SAP NetWeaver Integration Platform at Euroset

The IT system landscape was characterized as very heterogeneous, as Euroset uses many other IT systems. For accounting reasons for example in the retail network the Russia specialized system “1C” has been installed, which covers all Russian legal requirements. The aim of the project was to integrate the various information systems of Euroset with the SAP system at the headquarters. The SAP NetWeaver Exchange Infrastructure solution (SAP Netweaver XI) was selected in order to fulfil this purpose. By using NetWeaver technology, it was possible for Euroset to set up corporate-system architecture according to business requirements and to adapt the corporate system to the fast changing processes and structure of the company. It is now also possible to achieve the integration of various IT systems into an overall information environment.
Crucial issues for Euroset are pieces of information, which are daily obtained from the retail network, used as a basis for planning, managing and monitoring the fulfilment of business goals. Therefore one of the main objectives of the project was to develop a solution for the daily update of data from the retail network to the SAP system at the company headquarters – a solution that is able to cope with a high daily data volume. Tasks and deliverables of IDS Scheer consultants in the project were:

  • selecting the architecture for the SAP NetWeaver XI solution
  • concept of the introducing the SAP NetWeaver XI solution
  • supervising the project tasks and related deliverables
  • planning and realising the interfaces to the points of sale (POS).
  • adjusting of the SAP NetWeaver XI solution.

In the concept phase IDS Scheer consultants used the ARIS tools and methodology. IDS Scheer’s ARIS Process Platform will be integrated into the next release of SAP NetWeaver, the open integration and application platform, to provide customers with a comprehensive BPM solution – and thus with a completely integrated process platform. Due to this partnership between SAP and IDS Scheer ARIS and SAP NetWeaver are strongly linked. This helped IDS Scheer consultants to develop the best fitting solution for Euroset. The project was realized over a period of five months and the SAP NetWeaver XI integration platform has now been launched with a view to increasing productivity in the area of data exchange with the points of sales and with the other existing systems, as 1C within the system landscape of the company.
“At this stage, the solution which we have introduced enables us to exchange data with more than 900 points of sale. This unique solution for integrating SAP R/3 with the 1C system within such a large retail network is the first of its kind in Russia. The support provided by the experts from the company IDS Scheer enabled us to select the optimum architectural solution and to realise the project within a short period of time. Over the course of the coming months, we are planning to connect an additional 750 points of sale to the system for exchanging information,” said Eugeniy Balahonov, the head of the company area, which deals with the integration of SAP with other applications at Euroset.
“Process management and standard software have traditionally been separate worlds,” states Helmut Kruppke, CEO of IDS Scheer. “These two worlds grow together with the seamless integration of the ARIS Process Platform in SAP NetWeaver, so that the focus is clearly on customers’ business processes. We are delighted that now the NetWeaver technology from the companies IDS Scheer and SAP is being used in one of the largest retail networks in Russia. We are sure that this efficient; new-generation tool which aims to devise and introduce innovative business processes will be used in many Russian companies.”

Source: IDS Scheer