NetApp Provides Leading Lonza Group With Powerful Solution

NetApp is helping Lonza Group Ltd store, access, and protect its SAP business applications, which run a range of mission-critical operations, including finance, logistics, purchasing, and plant management. NetApp software, specifically Snapshot technology, provides SAP customers like Lonza Group Ltd with the freedom to focus on business priorities instead of spending time, money, and energy on managing, accessing, and protecting data.
Lonza Group Ltd provides clients around the world with chemical and biotechnology platforms that are used in a variety of industries, including life sciences, plastics, polymers, films, human and animal nutrition, chemicals, cosmetics and personal care, household, industrial and institutional cleaners, water treatment, and wood preservation. Lonza Group Ltd’s data center provides simultaneous access to hundreds of its employees worldwide. NetApp unified storage systems and disk-to-disk (D2D) data backup and replication software provide Lonza Group Ltd with a high-availability and high-performance business continuity solution. Specifically, NetApp storage systems are armed with NetApp Snapshot, SnapRestore, and SnapMirror software, providing Lonza Group Ltd with instantaneous data backup and restore. These software solutions work seamlessly with the SAP backup tool, which Lonza Group Ltd uses to prepare the underlying Oracle database before performing a snapshot backup.
“NetApp provides Lonza Group Ltd with a scalable approach to powering SAP business applications in our core data center,” said Ernst Hutter, head of global data center and infrastructure at Lonza Group Ltd. “Our users throughout Europe, Asia, and America expect nothing less than uninterrupted access to their data near instantaneously. We require high performance and true business continuity – along with data protection and simplified data management – and NetApp helps us achieve these goals.” Lonza Group Ltd’s SAP on NetApp deployment has already helped the company improve input/output performance by 20 percent, compared to the performance of the former local-attached disk solution. Lonza Group Ltd has also experienced 30 percent cost savings because of the unique architectural simplicity that NetApp offers.
“NetApp focuses on serving SAP customers who have demanding performance requirements, such as Lonza AG, with scalable and reliable storage solutions,” said Patrick Rogers, vice president of Products and Alliances at Network Appliance, Inc. “NetApp customers managing SAP application data also benefit from a simplified approach to storage management that drives dramatic cost savings. Together, this is an unbeatable value proposition for customers seeking to optimize their IT investments in SAP solutions.”

Source: NetApp