IDS Scheer Creates Transparency in the SAP BI Landscape

In many companies, the use of various SAP BI systems for different organizational areas or countries leads to redundant information as well as increased license and maintenance costs. The first step toward improving a lack transparency in a SAP BI landscape is to ensure that analysis and documentation are methodical and based on business requirements. This is where ARIS BI Modeler from IDS Scheer comes into play: The new ARIS Platform component redocuments existing SAP BI systems and prepares data structures and data flows. This is done with the aid of an integrated interface to SAP BI; via this interface, metadata is transferred in an automated process and can then be used to plan a company-wide data warehouse.
Views generated in this way on the SAP BI system landscape are fully integrated in the central ARIS repository and permit both an aggregated strategic overview and a detailed analysis of the data structures and flows. Process-related requirements can be integrated in the system structure and then implemented in SAP BI. Furthermore, ARIS BI Modeler enables direct access to the process descriptions in ARIS for SAP NetWeaver – and therefore forms the basis for integration of the SAP BI systems into the business process view.
Using ARIS BI Modeler, IDS Scheer consultants will be able to process projects relating to the introduction, harmonization or consolidation of SAP BI systems more efficiently. The concept phase in particular can be accelerated by using the tool – in future it will be quicker to adapt the system to business requirements. “Redocumentation and the subsequent conceptualization and implementation of the harmonization using ARIS BI Modeler reduce the running costs of the SAP BI landscape,” explains Dr. Wolfram Jost, member of the Executive Board and head of the product division at IDS Scheer AG. “In addition, the automatically generated data processing concept of existing SAP BI implementations results in greater transparency.”

Source: IDS Scheer