SAP Invites Worldwide to SAP TechEd ’06

The largest technology education conference series of the year, this event provides the technical and business process expert community across the SAP customer base and partner ecosystem with an expanded curriculum of in-depth lectures and instructor-led hands-on workshops. In addition, SAP experts will provide more than 900 hours of technical and business process training to teach attendees how to transform their IT infrastructures into enablers of business change and growth, and partners will demonstrate new “Powered by SAP NetWeaver” applications at these events. Now in its 10th year, SAP SAP TechEd ’06 will take place in Las Vegas on September 12-15, Tokyo on October 5-6, Amsterdam on October 18-20 and Bangalore on November 8-10.
SAP TechEd provides an environment for attendees to learn how to transform existing business processes and IT landscapes while taking advantage of the power and flexibility of enterprise service-oriented architecture (enterprise SOA). This year’s expanded SAP TechEd ’06 curriculum offers new educational programs for business analysts, consultants, IT managers and system administrators. SAP technical experts, partners and customers will bring hundreds of technical and business process training sessions on topics such as analytics, business process management, enterprise SOA and governance. Experts from within the SAP development organization-the actual developers, technical strategists and product managers who build SAP products-will lead lectures and classes on how SAP software is reaching ever new types of users, delivering the enterprise knowledge and processes that information workers rely on daily to do their jobs.
Attendees will also receive information surrounding how the SAP NetWeaver platform, built on open standards-based architecture, enables enterprise SOA and provides an exceptional platform for modeling, developing and implementing state-of-the-art business processes. SAP TechEd ’06 Las Vegas and Amsterdam will include a keynote presentation by Shai Agassi, president of the Product and Technology Group and member of the SAP executive board, who will elaborate on SAP’s product strategy and how the company continues to focus on furthering the innovation and simplicity of its solutions.

A community focused on collaboration

Demonstrating broad commitment of developers to the SAP NetWeaver platform, SAP Developer Network (SDN) has surpassed 500,000 registered members in less than three years. The rapid growth of the community reflects the openness of the platform and the ease of innovating and composing new applications on SAP NetWeaver, as well as the ecosystem’s commitment to collaboration around the platform. SDN is the central resource where SAP’s ecosystem can collaborate and co-innovate solutions on the SAP NetWeaver platform and contribute to the pool of shared knowledge among independent software vendors (ISVs), system integrators, developers and consultants.
SAP recently unveiled new features and enhancements for further community development and developer adoption. Leveraging SAP NetWeaver, SDN members can now easily create discussion forums and, with the addition of the “Web Page Composer,” easily publish Web content within the community. These new features can be previewed on today and will also be demoed for visitors to the SDN Clubhouse at SAP TechEd.
Returning this year to SAP TechEd is the popular SAP Developer Network (SDN) Clubhouse, the embodiment of the online community for SAP developers, consultants and integrators. The SDN Clubhouse blends the virtual community of SDN (free access at with live events to create a real-world SDN experience for conference delegates. The SDN Clubhouse will host birds-of-a-feather sessions, and a Demo Jam, hosted by Shai Agassi in Las Vegas, will showcase the hottest new technology powered by SAP NetWeaver.
“SAP TechEd events bring customers, partners and developers together to share best practices and discuss how to chart a road map that will enable their transition to enterprise SOA,” said Agassi. “It also offers a great opportunity for attendees to hear more about SAP’s product strategy and the latest developments around the SAP NetWeaver platform as well as to take part in technical and business processes training. SAP TechEd events provide everyone in the SAP ecosystem a chance to network with one another and become actively involved with the other half million members of the SDN community.”

Source: SAP AG