Complexity Reduction

At SAP TechEd ’06, the company is demonstrating how customers can achieve significant returns on time and resource investments by reducing the complexity and effort needed to manage a growing combination of packaged applications, portal and business technology in SAP solutions.
Products that are highlighted include Tidal Horizon for SAP Solutions, which automates the analysis and management of SAP system performance; Tidal Transaction Analyzer, which captures every SAP dialog and transaction, recording its name, who executed it, the response time, and the resources it consumes; Tidal Intersperse for managing Java applications in SAP NetWeaver and Tidal ASAP, an integration solution that provides performance management data into the business process.
Tidal is also hosting a roundtable discussion with Jim Stachowiak, senior technical consultant at Moen, who will talk about delivering compliance information and performance metrics with Tidal Software Solutions for SAP.
Rod Butters, Tidal Software’s senior vice president of marketing, said in a statement that with the insights from ongoing feedback from customers, the company continues to advance the capabilities of its performance management solutions by extending the breadth and depth of Tidal Software’s automated performance analysis base. “Now covering over 200 different situations with potentially thousands of different causes, our solution delivers more automated expert analysis of real life problems encountered in managing SAP solutions than any other product in the market,” he said.