First German Wholesale and Cooperations Congress

Under the patronage of Federal Minster for Economics Michael Glos, in addition to Joachim Siebert, ZGV President, key-note speakers Prof. Joachim Zentes, Director of the Institute for Commerce and International Marketing and Dr. Peter Bielert, Business Development Manager at F. Reyher Nachflg. are expected to attend. They will be posing among others the following questions: “Will today’s winners also be the winners of tomorrow?” and will be illustrating “innovative business models as a future wholesale strategy.”
Consultants and participants will discuss reality-based optimization opportunities for commercial financing, logistics and in sales processes in a series of technical forums. The key questions facing the industry will be considered and evaluated in detail, in accordance with their potential as a result of innovations, IT or other cooperations.
Together with SAP AG, itelligence AG will be presenting itself as the top partner at the congress and will be exhibiting its ERP industry solution “” and other special IT services in the wholesale environment. facilitates the rapid and practical implementation of optimized IT processes using the mySAP All-in-One approach and specific trade expansions. Examples of the above include the complete mapping of over-the-counter sales processes, catalog data integration and other adapted IT processes for the trade supplies business. Expert Dietrich Rommel from Emil Löffelhardt GmbH & Co. KG will also provide an insight into the practical implementation of IT processes in complex industrial business-to-business trade.

Source: itelligence