State of North Carolina Selects SAP to Transform Statewide Services

Using SAP’s flagship ERP application, the BEACON project – Building Enterprise Access for North Carolina’s Core Operating Needs – will standardize statewide business processes to provide a foundation for effective management and recruitment, help reduce administrative burdens, improve information access for the state’s more than 80,000 employees and enhance and speed the delivery of citizen services. BearingPoint will be responsible for implementation services.
“Streamlining government operations to further the economic viability of the state is a top priority for North Carolina,” said Governor Michael F. Easley, state of North Carolina. “BEACON will transform the way North Carolina State Government manages its business functions and serves its citizens by increasing efficiency, simplifying decision making and improving access to information.”
After an extensive analysis of the business and technical requirements for the state of North Carolina, the Beacon Project Steering Committee determined that SAP software is best suited to meet the long-term business goals of the state. State Controller Robert L. Powell said, “The steering committee is pleased to enter into partnership with a company with a strong focus on the needs of the government sector. We expect to utilize that expertise to benefit our employees and citizens through more efficient business operations.”

Creating a partnership for growth

After a thorough assessment of the state’s current IT environment, government officials realized existing human resource and payroll systems, some of which are more than 30 years old, were at extreme risk of failure and could not meet the requirements of modern business practices. Additionally, North Carolina was in danger of losing the ability to maintain outdated systems as a growing percentage of the state’s employees neared retirement. After consulting with several agencies, the State Controller’s office selected mySAP ERP to serve as the IT backbone to help the state modernize its systems to meet current and future business needs.
Using SAP software, North Carolina aims to create an environment in which employees become more productive, feel more satisfied in their current jobs and can make informed decisions about their continued career with the state through improved access to benefits information and inter-agency job opportunities. By improving recruitment and retention capabilities, North Carolina will also have the means to attract and reward more highly skilled workers and better compete with other employers for top talent. The SAP software will ultimately create a common, shared platform that can be accessed by all state employees.
By consolidating multiple legacy systems onto mySAP ERP, the state will automate many of its manual, paper-intensive processes and create a single system of record, allowing for more accurate reporting and more informed decision making. Additionally, the state will empower employees with 24×7 access to their personal data with an online portal and streamline employee record handling – from recruitment through retirement – allowing state employees to easily transfer between state agencies and facilitate career growth.
“Project Beacon is an innovative partnership between North Carolina and SAP that will involve all state employees and citizens served,” said Rand Blazer, president, SAP Public Services, Inc. “The SAP system will help the state to operate as a synchronized enterprise, enhancing its buying power and reducing the cost of operations across agencies. BEACON is a vital link to working more efficiently, both now and in the future.” The first phase of the implementation, in which SAP is delivering the software and BearingPoint is delivering implementation services, will focus on human resources and payroll applications and is expected to go live in early 2008.

Source: SAP AG