Miele Opts for Adicom Software Suite

The first stage of the project will see the reconfiguration of the plant’s die-cutting area for producing professional cleaning appliances. Miele will introduce new storage technology as well as new die-cutting machines and nesting software. The Adicom Software Suite will automatically control the material and information flows for die-cutting. For this purpose, mySAP ERP will generate production jobs that are transferred to the Adicom Software Suite control center. The MES solution will then support the entire production process – from controlling the production jobs and work steps including resources, to transport jobs for material movements, right up to production data reporting. Besides the production control center, this will also involve the MES solution modules for warehouse management, transport control and collecting shop floor and machine data.
The die-cutting process starts with a fully-automated sheet storage facility. The facility acts both as the raw material supplier (sheet metal boards) as well as an intermediate storage for semi-finished products. Transfer to and release from stock is handled via fixed identification points. From there, a sheet feeder feeds the sheets into the die-cutter. Finally, the actual die-cutting process takes place. The sheet and the die-cut semi-finished products are then transferred back to storage via the identification point.
A second project stage will see Miele optimizing the complete production process, resulting in comprehensive production scheduling. This means, for instance, that alongside die-cutting the MES system will also support folding and painting of sheets. The integrated MES solution will in the future also take into account the required production resources – such as machines, equipment, and materials – when creating planning and production jobs. In addition, the solution is intended to serve as a central component for the integrated storage and transport control for managing the materials supply.
F-IT will have charge of project implementation and collaborate with partners for warehouse technology, die-cutting machines, and nesting software. The choice of F-IT as MES provider is owing to F-IT’s high degree of flexibility in incorporating Miele’s requirements as well as being a competent partner for warehouse management and job control. “The new integrated system raises our die-cutting production process to a new level. We can design processes more efficiently and flexibly to create maximal transparency. The Adicom Software Suite gives us all the functions we need for this classic MES project,” says Thilo Fuchs, project manager for the die-cutting production process at the Miele plant in Lehrte.

Source: Freudenberg IT