SAP Consulting Accelerates Customers’ Enterprise SOA Road Maps

The new consulting services provide unique guidance applying methodology to link business with IT in a strategic approach, and are combined with a consistent, sequenced and incremental set of services and associated accelerators that are leveraged by customers, partners and SAP as provided by the enterprise SOA adoption program. The announcement was made at SAP TechEd ’06, being held in Amsterdam, Oct. 18 – 20. The new consulting services are available through SAP Consulting and are designed to deliver against the accelerating demand for services that support companies’ transitions to enterprise SOA.

  • SAP Business Strategy for Enterprise SOA service builds on a comprehensive methodology that helps customers define an enterprise SOA strategy that unifies business and IT requirements.
  • SAP Enterprise Services Modeling service helps customers build a model-based implementation design leveraging enterprise services. It aligns customers’ specific process requirements’, starting from SAP’s proven best business processes. The result is the complete realization process extending from a service-oriented business model towards an SOA-compliant implementation design.
  • SAP Organizational Planning and Governance for Enterprise SOA service delivers best practices to further develop customer organizations for fully realizing the benefits of service-oriented architectures while aligning governance processes and structures.

SAP Strategic Data Services for SAP NetWeaver MDM is a value-added service designed to assist customers with end-to-end SAP NetWeaver Master Data Management (SAP NetWeaver MDM) implementations. The service recognizes and offers customers expert guidance in many key areas such as data governance, data quality analysis, optimal design and implementation of data consolidation, related business rules and matching strategies. It complements a range of services already available to customers, thereby ensuring that customers receive leading technology from SAP and the accompanying services necessary for faster and easier implementations during upgrades and transition toward enterprise SOA.
With the new consulting services, SAP delivers on customer needs for a comprehensive methodology that links customers’ business and IT requirements to support their enterprise SOA strategy. The result is that strategies can be developed to reflect the timeline that best suits customers’ business needs with the appropriate combination of mySAP ERP 2005 upgrades and services. “SAP Consulting has conducted the SAP Business Strategy for Enterprise SOA service as part of a feasibility study to assess different options of a process and IT landscape harmonization,” said Antonio d’Alessandro, IT Director APTAR Group. “The results of the service have shown the road ahead delivering important insights for us on how enterprise SOA will contribute to our business success.”
“We are providing customers with the clear services that will enable their successful transition to enterprise SOA, delivering affordable value that will ensure they retain the agility necessary to meet their business demands,” said Bernd-Michael Rumpf, head of Global Field Services at SAP AG and CEO of SAP Systems Integration AG. “By addressing a clear and proven methodology towards this transition, SAP Consulting is delivering the quality reassurance businesses are seeking as they embrace enterprise SOA strategies and deployment.”

Enterprise SOA adoption program

The enterprise SOA adoption program provides a consistent, sequenced and incremental set of services and associated accelerators leveraged by customers, partners and SAP. The program facilitates the successful adoption and implementation of the SAP NetWeaver platform as a foundation for enterprise SOA, providing customers with a responsible and feasible approach toward their enterprise SOA evolution. Core services within the program are being extended by SAP customers and partners to provide a complete set of value-based services in alignment with SAP’s proven customer engagement life-cycle (CEL) methodology.

Source: SAP AG