Dynamic Services for SAP applications

T-Systems provides processing services, storage resources and applications. The company also operates and provides maintenance for all of the hardware and software. These services are delivered from the data center to the customer like electrical power from a socket via a network connection that is also provided by T-Systems. Companies increase usage during short-term peak loads – such as during end-of-year business – and immediately reduce the quantity they ordered as soon as business has slowed again. This way, they do not need to maintain maximum capacities themselves, and they can turn fixed costs into variable costs that are based on demand. At the end of a defined billing period, customers receive an invoice that lists the individual cost units if required.

Customers worldwide use Dynamic Services

Today, over 100 companies from all over the world are using Dynamic Services by T-Systems. For example, Mattson Technology, Inc., a customer from the American semiconductor industry, gets its SAP re-sources from the network. In order to meet demands, T-Systems is currently establishing two new data centers in the US and in Shanghai. “We want to operate at least one additional data center each for Dynamic Services outside of Germany in Asia, the EMEA countries and the US,” says Ulrich Kemp, who is responsible for business with small and medium-sized customers at T-Systems.
One of T-Systems’ customers for Dynamic Services in Germany is the company Vorwerk. In 2005, Vorwerk generated around two billion euros in sales as a producer and seller of household goods. One essential pillar of the company’s success is the IT support of global direct sales by an individually adjusted SAP-R/3 solution. However, the local business units experience extreme fluctuations in the amount of resources they need. With Dynamic Services, Vorwerk can increase or reduce the amount of processing power it needs by up to 50 percent with only one day’s notice. “If we had our own infrastructure that was permanently set up to take on peak loads, our operating costs would be at least 30 percent higher than they are with Dynamic Services,” says Ralph Eger, CIO of Vorwerk.

SAP solutions for over 550,000 users

T-Systems operates SAP solutions for over 550,000 users. The business customer subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom distributes re-sources to several hundred servers across customers regardless of which applications they use. Through this resource pooling method, the computers are automatically and constantly running at full capacity. Through this approach and by using standard components, costs for SAP computer performance is reduced.

Source: T-Systems Enterprise Services GmbH