Freudenberg IT Uses Successful Fixed Price Model

Steeb first presented its ERP formula 75 50 in the fall of 2004. The SAP subsidiary has since then been offering classic ERP projects for 75,000 Euro plus an additional 50,000 Euro used to set up a corresponding branch solution. This special approach necessitates a concise service catalog and standardized project procedures. The offer is mainly targeted at medium-sized companies with annual sales between 15 and 30 million Euros. Various medium-sized companies such as HEK GmbH based in Lübeck, Germany, the cell-phone specialist dealer SMS Michel Communication GmbH or the family-run company Rudolf Ostermann GmbH based in Bocholt used this model as a means of introducing a future-safe SAP solution at a fixed price.
Initiative Mittelstand (Midsize Initiative) recently awarded the 75 50 model the prize for innovation in information technology in the ERP category. The jury was not only convinced by the solution’s usefulness and functionality, but also by its high level of innovation and its benefits especially for midsize business customers. Selected partners of Steeb will also be able capitalize on the market acceptance of 75 50 in the future. Once the partnership is certified, they can combine their industry expertise with Steeb’s ERP know-how, project experience and extensive support and service network. Steeb, in turn, will gain access to fairly undeveloped business sectors. F-IT is Steeb’s first 75 50 partner. Both companies signed a strategic partnership six months ago toward providing comprehensive IT solutions in the SAP sector. The certification enables F-IT to use the 75 50 plan in the areas of sports and events, logistics, technical trade, wholesale, and automotive suppliers. “Making our 75 50 plan available to business partners was a logical step in implementing our new partner strategy,” explains Dr. Wolfgang Kemna. “The strong ties between F-IT and Steeb are highlighted by the fact that F-IT is the first partner to use the fixed price plan.”
“Steeb has shown that SAP introductory projects can be undertaken more quickly and cost effectively with the help of a clearly defined action plan. According to Michael Fichtner, Member of the Executive Board at F-IT, “Midsize customers will strongly benefit from the 75 50 fixed price plan thanks to our specialized know-how and our international orientation.”

Source: Freudenberg IT