Document Management with Many Enhancements

More than 50 detailed improvements from customer projects were built in to the new version. Here is an excerpt from the list of new functions:

  • E-mail notification: When using the confirmation mechanisms of the PLOSSYS output management, the administrator or the job creator can get a SAPMAIL, if the output job was completely done or if the first error occurs. This can be configured.
  • Language dependent configuration: The automatically determined fields and stamping data can now be configured language dependent. The login language or a set substitution language is used.
  • Configurable additional data: Via new configuration settings, additional data for the specific documents and recipients can be output by using the automatic data identification.
  • Mixed ouput jobs: Also objects such as bill of materials can be stamped. Documents, which contain an object, the sequence between document and object can be configured at output time.
  • Enhanced selection of original file: At output time a new original selection can be performed according to configuration – or, if the originals were edited since job creation, the new original is used.
  • Unicode control: A mark is set in the repro list file, whether the current SAP solution is a unicode or a non-Unicode system. This entry is analysed by the repro list processor version 3.8.0 or higher – and so the output can be performed on the same output system for both systems.
  • Job defaults: The job defaults can be reset to standard values for all users.
  • Test environment: For quick tests and diagnostic, print objects also can be stored locally without configured output system.
  • Device selection: If an output device does not exist in the login language, the internal device name is used. Thus, output devices need not to be translated into every language.

Roland Windfelder has directed the development of the new version at SEAL Systems: “In our SAP integration, there is experience and knowledge from more than 300 installations. Customer and process requirements caused more than 50 improvements. Our customers find the details in the release notes in the download area of our service portal in the internet.” The new version of DMS Repro GUI was released for the SAP versions: 4.6c, 4.7, ECC 5.0, ECC 6.0. Customers with maintenance contract will get the licenses and Transports without charge.

Source: SEAL Systems