iT_SEC SWiSS Confirms Establishment of SAP Consulting Firm

When companies implemented SAP, they invested in the future. They invested in growth, productivity and control. iT_SEC SWiSS AG believes this is worth protecting. SECUDE Global Consulting will offer enterprise risk management consultancy services for SAP customers around the world. The consultancy will help companies evaluate and understand the business risks, identify the most appropriate technological solution and develop and implement a sustainable security strategy. The consultancy will predominantly focus on such areas of expertise as: enterprise risk strategy, infrastructure and architecture security, regulatory and legal compliance, identity and access management, policies and procedures, risk and control management, privacy and data protection.

A heritage of excellence

SECUDE Global Consulting AG is a subsidiary of iT_SEC SWiSS AG, a Swiss investment holding company that focuses exclusively on the global IT security market. It is a sister company to SECUDE International AG, which is one of the world’s leading providers of SAP security solutions. The group, which employs some of the world’s foremost SAP security experts, enjoys a collaborative partnership with SAP that has already endured more than 10 years, plus close working relationships with leading security technology providers and systems integrators across the globe.
The new SAP consultancy will therefore leverage the IT security experience of SECUDE, founded in 1996 out of a partnership between SAP AG and the Fraunhofer Institute. “iT_SEC SWiSS AG invests in the SAP consultancy firm, because it truly believes that with the right knowledge and experience it is possible to calculate and reduce risk”, said Dr. Heiner Kromer, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of iT_SEC SWiSS AG.
SECUDE Global Consulting is expecting to start its operations in the first quarter of 2007, having initially 30 experts in enterprise risk management and SAP security on board, and 100 experts by the third quarter of 2007. The global headquarters will be in Luzern, Switzerland. “Luzern is an ideal choice since it has embarked on a program to support High Tech industries and is currently home to about 100 IT companies”, said Heiner Kromer, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of iT_SEC SWiSS AG. In addition, Luzern offers some of the best quality of living in Europe. SECUDE Global Consulting aims to evolve into a Risk Management Competency Centre and to date a number of well-known IT security professors have agreed to support these efforts to create such a center in Luzern.