itelligence Becomes SAP Special Expertise Partners for Enterprise SOA

This early appointment as SEP enterprise SOA reinforces and further confirms the longstanding. SAP partner’s close ties with SAP at the highest technological level. To be appointed Special Expertise Partners (SEP), SAP consultants must first prove their expertise in a series of extensive examinations. itelligence is one of the first partners to be certified as an enterprise SOA Special Expertise Partner. Mark Albrecht, Director of Business Development at itelligence AG: “As an SEP enterprise SOA, we can offer our clients a cost-efficient concept for combining innovative new applications by expanding existing systems. However, Enterprise SOA’s high flexibility also facilitates particularly cost-effective process changes, a further benefit that we are happy to pass on to our customers.”
Enterprise service-oriented architecture is a basic concept for service-based business solutions that offers a high degree of adaptability, flexibility and openness. Enterprise SOA promises two things: a simpler implementation of business innovations and the utilization of existing resources. Enterprise SOA locates the development, combination and implementation of web services at corporate level to allow the relevant business requirements to be fulfilled. An enterprise service consists of a web service linked to business logic that can be accessed to support various business processes, thus making it possible to use a service repeatedly in different contexts. Combining enterprise services at company level creates flexible building blocks that can be used to automate company-wide business scenarios.

Source: itelligence AG