Siemens Business Services Takes Over SAP Operation for bauMax

In the past, the do-it-yourself specialist and market leader bauMax handled all its information technology in-house, but as far as SAP is concerned the days of do-it-yourself IT are a thing of the past. In the future, Siemens Business Services will be responsible for all SAP operations, including provision of the necessary IT infrastructure. In addition, Siemens Business Services will also handle hardware and database management, SAP basic installation, operating system maintenance and application monitoring. Werner Neuwirth-Riedl, CFO at bauMax, commented: “Siemens Business Services has already proved its quality in the course of a CRM project. Thanks to the outsourcing contract, we now get SAP through the power outlet, so to speak, without having to bother about all the up-front work necessary to make this possible.”

Source: Siemens Business Services