Siemens Implements SAP at Thailand’s energy giant EGAT

The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system creates a single, online and real-time data platform for the whole organization. ERP will thus improve working processes, increase efficiency in utilization of organization’s resources, such as reducing data redundancy, increasing personnel’s ability to analyze data more efficiently and help reducing capital equipment and maintenance costs. In addition, ERP will support the strategic decision-making process of executives and can effectively support future extensions of EGAT’s IT network.
The partners will design, develop and implement the ERP system based on SAP software covering a total of eleven modules: Financial Management, Human Resource Management, Purchasing and Inventory Management, Production Planning, Project Management, Plant Maintenance, Sales and Distribution, Executive Information system, Supplier Relationship Management, Strategic Enterprise Management and Enterprise Portal. The project implementation period is 27 months. Siemens will be responsible for the design and implementation of ERP software and system integration while IRCP will install the hardware and related infrastructure. As of January 2007 Siemens Business Services and SISL will be part of Siemens IT Solutions and Services (SIS). This Siemens group will be closely aligned with the industries that are served by Siemens overall and comprise energy service providers such as EGAT.

Source: Siemens Business Services