Apollo Diamond Shines through Enhanced E-Commerce Capabilities

The solution was delivered and deployed by SAP Business One certified business partner Client Interaction, Inc., of Newton, Mass. Designed as an affordable, easy-to-use software application for small and midsize enterprises, SAP Business One allows Apollo Diamond to grow critical operations and reach more customers through online sales capabilities. Based in Massachusetts, Apollo Diamond initialized and perfected a breakthrough technology to manufacture large, single-crystal diamonds in a controlled environment that are structurally identical to high-quality, naturally mined diamonds.
Apollo Diamond will use SAP Business One to manage anticipated business growth associated with successfully overcoming major technical barriers that had previously limited the size, quality and affordability of laboratory-produced diamonds. Apollo will leverage the strong integration capabilities of SAP Business One to link sales, inventory and financial operations, enabling improved sales and product delivery to meet increasing demand.
“Transitioning from research-and-development to a manufacturing organization with exciting growth prospects, we required a solution that would provide greater control without disrupting our expansion plans,” said Hans Ludi, COO, Apollo Diamond, Inc. “As we refine our diamond production technology, SAP Business One will help to improve the transparency and efficiency of our entire production process. Our new e-commerce capabilities will increase sales of Apollo diamonds for use in both semiconductors and jewelry.”
“By providing diamonds for jewelry and semiconductors, Apollo Diamond understands the business processes and challenges facing both retailers and high-tech companies,” said Barry Berlin, president, Client Interaction, Inc. “SAP Business One integrates all areas of operations for greater inventory control and a quicker sales cycle, allowing Apollo to better serve its customers.”

Source: SAP AG