Cognos Introduces Cognos 8 Go! Mobile for SAP

Today, consumer technologies, trends and behaviors continue to drive future interfaces to IT. At Symposium/ITxpo 2006, Gartner stated: “We expect that during the next 30 years of this journey, technology will continue to drive further and further into business, but the real transformation will be the way technology reaches individuals and changes the way we work and play. If the last 30 years have been about delivering technology to the enterprise – the next 30 years will be about technology transforming the lives of individuals. Technology is getting personal.”
Cognos 8 Go! Mobile for SAP delivers a rich mobile-client interface for SAP users that allows anyone to use a handheld device to read and interact with Cognos 8 BI reports and SAP data sources. Users can get daily dashboards, receive alerts and notifications, explore trends, or get a clear picture of customer status across current orders.
With Cognos 8 Go! Mobile, companies are able to combine mySAP data, BW data and non-SAP transactional and warehouse data in a single consolidated view of performance information through report and metrics information. This information can be both accessed and authored via the web, providing a single BI platform for users. Easy access to BI through mobile devices allows SAP users to make high-value business decisions, whether in the field or in the office.
Cognos 8 Business Intelligence (BI) delivers easy-to-use BI with the right context, through familiar interfaces, at the right time. Cognos 8 Go! Mobile is the newest addition. It will help users make more informed decisions in context to quickly improve individual effectiveness and organizational performance when mobile, while enabling IT to further leverage existing investments in Cognos 8 BI and SAP solutions. The intuitive client will also deliver:

  • Self-Service: Users can see data when they want it, in the same familiar look and format they’re used to via the SAP NetWeaver portal or other portals. With Cognos 8 Go! Mobile, navigation is intuitive, and all data can be fully accessed on-line or off-line without manual intervention. Drill through capabilities allow users get more information to explore areas of concern or interest.
  • Author once: BI is authored once over the web and this same BI can be accessed over the web and in Cognos Go! Mobile. BI report authors can write a report once, and every SAP user can access that same report in the same layout and format regardless of language, locale or consumption approach (Web, search, mobile, desktop productivity suite, etc.). Cognos 8 Go! Mobile for SAP will take care of formatting the data for the device, and IT does not need a separate mobile authoring environment or special mobile templates. Employees will gain access to all BI information to make better decisions – not just a subset of arbitrary reports or limited functionality that were re-authored in advance for mobile devices.
  • Single security: Cognos 8 Go! Mobile for SAP will integrate with and leverage Cognos’ existing security features, including integration with SAP security, to deliver a single security and sign-on environment for users — regardless of how they consume reports. Cognos 8 Go! Mobile security also takes into account the unique challenges associated with mobile devices with theft/loss protection capabilities such as automatic content locking.
  • Device-specific navigation: Navigation with Cognos 8 Go! Mobile for SAP is intuitive, giving users a big picture view of business performance and the ability to zoom in and focus on the key areas of interest. It allows for personal navigation and on-the-fly focus, which allows user to leverage native mobile device functionalities so they can easily and intuitively see, interpret, and interact with the information they need quickly and easily, even when outside wireless coverage for connected and disconnected use.
  • Independent and adaptable support: Users can take advantage of full Cognos 8 Go! Mobile capabilities including one-click access to BI combining SAP and non-SAP data. Users can access SAP data across multiple versions and instances of SAP R/3 and SAP NetWeaver, independent of a company’s SAP upgrade plans. In addition, Cognos, with its support for heterogeneous IT investments, is adaptable to both current and future IT environments, and provides a seamless end-user experience during back-end changes and evolutions. Users do not have to synchronize with content pre-downloaded to a PC.

“Cognos 8 Go! Mobile, combined with our broad solution set and continued integration with SAP applications, gives SAP customers easy access to business data and information wherever and whenever they need it,” said Leah MacMillan, vice president of product marketing, Cognos. “And IT can drive larger deployments of BI while leveraging existing SAP deployments across the enterprise.”

Source: Cognos