IDS Scheer Introduces New “ARIS Solution” Packages

IDS Scheer now offers the following bundled ARIS solutions:

ARIS Solution for Enterprise BPM

Enterprise Business Process Management (BPM) is the foundation for increasing the efficiency and flexibility of business processes. IDS Scheer has combined the following core products to help customers implement a successful BPM infrastructure: ARIS Business Architect, ARIS Business Optimizer, ARIS Business Simulator and ARIS Business Publisher.

ARIS Solution for Enterprise Architecture Management

The idea behind Enterprise Architecture Management is to change the IT landscape so that it offers maximum support for the corporate strategy in the long-run. With the latest version of ARIS 7.02, IDS Scheer enables the development of consistent IT architectures through the ARIS IT Architect offering.

ARIS Solution for Business-Driven SOA

Business-Driven SOA enables the translation of functional business processes into executable technical processes. This allows innovative business strategies and the underlying IT processes to be implemented quickly and flexibly. IDS Scheer enables organizations to design SOAs with its ARIS SOA Architect product.

ARIS Solution for Process-Driven SAP

Process-Driven SAP includes the management of mySAP Business Suite applications and SAP NetWeaver technology based on process and model-oriented requirements management. With ARIS for SAP NetWeaver, IDS Scheer offers the de-facto standard for process modeling in SAP NetWeaver environments.

ARIS Solution for Process Intelligence and Performance Management

IDS Scheer has expanded the topic of Process Intelligence and Performance Management and will soon unveil new function modules of the ARIS Controlling Platform. IDS Scheer will announce a new version of the ARIS Process Performance Manager (ARIS PPM) – version 4.1. ARIS PPM 4.1 is easier to use and offers three new components: Flex Technology for Dashboards, WYSIWYG Reporting Engine 2.0 and Easy Mining-Wizard. In addition, IDS Scheer recently announced the ARIS Process Event Monitor (PEM), which was developed collaboratively with French company Systar. The ARIS PEM joins IDS Scheer’s existing Controlling Portfolio and is a powerful, real-time Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) solution.

ARIS Solution for GRC Management

Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) Management is a risk-oriented controlling process within a regulatory framework for target-oriented, responsible, ethical, legally compliant and supervisory management. This involves the documentation of all relevant internal and external, current and future, compulsory and voluntary regulations and requirements relating to the design of business processes, as well as constant verifiability of compliance. IDS Scheer addresses these regulations and requirements with its ARIS Audit Manager offering.

Source: IDS Scheer