Composite Application Optimizes Sales Planning

At the core of this composite application is a solution template that automates the evaluation and selection of forecasting methods in sales planning. EFE 1.0 is customizable and therefore suited for businesses of all sizes with a high number of feature combinations. Feature combinations may be products, but also services or business factors. EFE 1.0 searches the adequate method for each instance and performs the planning process. The certification of EFE 1.0 by SAP was awarded to axentiv, a consulting house for SAP solutions and member of the Softlab Group, in 2006 already.

Automatic increase of efficiency

Easy Forecast Evaluation 1.0 replicates the three main functions of forecasting methods and performs them automatically: In the phase of analysis and simulation, the application evaluates the suitable forecasting models and tests them independently. Subsequently, the person in charge of the planning process obtains an evaluation and approves the most efficient method. In the last step, EFE 1.0 updates the master data across all systems involved. The user determines the automation level of the individual functions and customizes it in every phase of the process. If the forecasting model is not appropriate anymore, the software sends the planner a warning and presents reasonable alternatives. EFE 1.0 generally results in enhanced sales planning because, despite the need to plan great volumes, available forecasting models are optimally selected. In addition, the complexity of the planer’s daily work is substantially reduced.
“The requirements of our customers are extremely diverse. The solution template provides the standardization required as well as great flexibility of customization”, explains Markus Kleine-Voßbeck, Business Unit Manager SAP NetWeaver, Softlab Group. “Based on the certification of Easy Forecast Evaluation 1.0 by SAP, our customers get a powerful solution that allows them to more efficiently shape their internal planning processes.”
Composite applications are created to integrate processes that have not been supported by IT so far into a service oriented IT architecture (SOA). In doing so, available components and functions from different systems are wrapped up to form new IT applications. The first composite application provided by the Softlab Group is based on SAP NetWeaver 2004. It is complemented by the current development tools SAP Composite Application Framework (SAP CAF) and SAP NetWeaver Visual Composer. The basis for the development of Easy Forecast Evaluation 1.0 was SAP’s conversion of business software to the SOA and the Business Process Platform.

Source: axentiv AG