Delivering Micro-Vertical Industry Solutions for Midsize Companies

Taking advantage of enablement programs and tools from SAP to introduce new and upgraded solutions based on SAP ERP 2005, partners across the globe have introduced an initial 14 new solutions in the Americas, 15 new solutions in Asia Pacific and 53 in Europe, Middle East and Africa. SAP made the announcement at the CeBIT 2007 trade fair, being held in Hanover, Germany, March 15 – 21.
The qualified SAP All-in-One partner solutions include award-winning “micro-vertical” best practices and will enable dramatic improvements in user experience, analytical reporting and integrated customer relationship management (CRM). By introducing the benefits of enterprise SOA in an evolutionary way, the solutions allow partners and the midsize companies they serve to adopt innovations over time, thus minimizing costs and disruption to ongoing operations.

Proven solutions sddress industry, local market requirements

Already the choice of nearly 9,500 midsize companies, SAP All-in-One solutions delivered by SAP and its partners provide proven vertical-industry capabilities, configurability to meet changing business needs and predictable cost of ownership. Building upon best practices from SAP, partners have developed a portfolio of 580 solutions addressing specific industry and market requirements around the world.
With SERKEM A1-LDL, SERKEM delivers comprehensive capabilities for logistics providers, third-party logistics providers, and forwarding companies. SERKEM has been partnering with SAP for more than 10 years and is one of southern Germany’s top system integrators. “With our SERKEM A1-LDL for Logistic Service Providers, we offer customers preconfigured industry capabilities that allow them to deploy the solution quickly and to realize a fast return on their investment,” said Max Eder, CEO, SERKEM GmbH. “Now, with our solution based on enterprise SOA, we can provide the same built-in expertise in a significantly simplified solution that facilitates end-user adoption and increases the overall value our customers can derive from the solution.”
Absoft, an accredited UK-based SAP partner specializing in the oil and gas industry, recently introduced its Advantage Oil and Gas solution. “We deliver finance, supply chain management, maintenance and HCM in an integrated, easy-to-implement package with best practices for midsize oil and gas sector businesses,” said Ian Mechie, managing director, Absoft. “Now, working with SAP, we are taking the lead to introduce the enhancements of enterprise SOA to midmarket customers. This will allow them to adopt additional benefits as their businesses, the industry in which they compete and technology continues to evolve.”
With new solutions being extended to meet customer requirements and introduced to market faster than ever before, customers are increasingly recognizing the differentiating characteristics of the first enterprise SOA-based solutions from SAP and its partners for midsize companies. “We were looking for a flexible solution which would provide us with best practices for managing our industry requirements of today, while providing the platform for us to remain agile in adapting to the challenges we can expect in a rapidly changing international business environment,” said Ph.D. Ho-Young Kim, director and project manager at Techno Semichem, a Korea-based company in the chemical industry, which implemented the SMARTfit chemicals solution from SAP partner, BSG. Addressing industry requirements such as production control under process-based manufacturing environment, consignment sales management and R&D project management, SMARTfit chemicals is among the first to market in Korea based SAP ERP 2005. “SAP and BSG provide us with a combination of micro-vertical capabilities and technology innovation that can sustain our competitive edge for years to come,” Kim added.
Working with SAP’s regional SME Solution Centers, SAP partners are taking advantage of enablement tools to facilitate the qualification of solutions, reduce time to market and increase the return on their investment in SAP solutions. “The training we received from the solution center helped us adopt an approach to certification that greatly collapsed the time frame in taking our new ChemOne solution to market,” said Brian Rice, vice president of sales, GCS. Developed to meet the requirements of midsize chemical companies, the ChemOne solution provides integrated business management capabilities across functions to streamline plant operations, increase supply chain efficiency, track profitability and improve customer service. “Prospects recognize the competitive advantages of SAP, and we are looking forward to building on our experience with the Solution Center to introduce our second SAP All-in-One solution, TechOne, for high-tech companies.”
“The new SAP All-in-One solutions unleash the power of enterprise SOA in the world’s largest portfolio of micro-vertical industry solutions designed specifically for midsize companies,” said Hans-Peter Klaey, president, SME, SAP AG. “Our partners are embracing the enablement programs and resources to introduce the next evolution of proven technology and industry best practice business management tools from SAP.”

Source: SAP AG