Optimizing Operations

Hosting partners offer a full portfolio of hosting services for SAP Business Suite applications and the SAP NetWeaver platform via application hosting and remote application hosting. Via the application hosting, partners operate and maintain applications at a central facility and offer complete hosting packages for SAP Business Suite applications and the SAP NetWeaver platform, including infrastructure, implementation, operation, and ongoing support for selected SAP applications.
Services are based on either pre-paid or per-user per-month pricing. By the remote application hosting, the infrastructure is located in the customer’s data center. The partner provides remote operation services including ongoing support for the respective SAP applications from its facility. In order to ensure high quality standards for hosting SAP applications on an ongoing basis, the hosting partners undergo a rigorous assessment of their delivery and operations capabilities for providing hosted SAP applications every two years by the Partner Management of SAP AG. Additional services available to SAP Partners Hosting through the Partner Management or the SAP service and support organization include solution optimization, system administration, and education services.
Hosting partnerships are available at two levels: the SAP Partner-Hosting – these partners offer hosting for SAP applications focused on local markets − and SAP Global Partner-Hosting − Partners at this level include global companies that provide comprehensive service offerings to global customers and operation capabilities with a market coverage in the three regions EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa), Americas (North and South America), and APJ (Asia Pacific Japan). SAP customers that are looking for partners, which are participating in this program, can get courtesy when it comes to the selection of the provider. All certified SAP Partner Hosting are listed in the Partner Information Center.
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