SAP Chooses itelligence to be a Special Expertise Partner

Furthermore, SAP has approved itelligence’s SAP All-in-One solution it.manufacturing for SAP ERP. The industry solution it.manufacturing is tailored toward the specific demands of the manufacturing industry and, under the previous designation it.engine, has been a part of the solution portfolio of the full-service IT provider. A high degree of technological commitment and consulting expertise in implementing customer projects are the prerequisites for becoming a Special Expertise Partner. itelligence stands out due to its profound knowledge of the manufacturing sector and already has an extensive list of successful projects as references.
“Being selected as a Special Expertise Partner for SAP Manufacturing & High-Tech is an acknowledgement of the quality of our work,” observed Berthold Vossman, Head of the Discrete Manufacturing and High-Tech business unit at itelligence, adding “the renewed qualification of our it.manufacturing solution underscores our expertise in the manufacturing sector and shows that we still continue to fulfill SAP’s high quality demands for an industry solution.”
The SAP qualification recognizes those industry solutions that meet the high SAP standard of technological compatibility and which incorporate substantial industry knowledge. it.manufacturing – previously known under the name it.engine – is a customized solution for all SMEs in the manufacturing sector and offers the complete functionality necessary to fulfill this industry’s requirements.

Source: itelligence AG