The Right Solution for Schröder Laserschneidtechnik

The rapidly growing SME from Bielefeld, which currently employs 230 people after just 50 only three years ago – is relying on state-of-the-art, scalable SAP technology and the profound industry expertise of its new consultant itelligence in the full implementation of its ERP software. In 2006, Schröder generated around 20 million Euros at its two locations of Bielefeld and Gütersloh with four individual companies, making it exactly the sort of SME that SAP is now focusing on even more strongly.
Stefan Schröder, managing partner of Schröder Laserschneidtechnik, explained his choice: “In itelligence we have a local SME systems partner that can provide us with SAP solutions in full and from a single source, from the license to maintenance, SAP consulting and training including hosting itelligence’s data center. With SAP solutions, we have acquired the market leader for ERP corporate software that, preconfigured with itelligence’s it.manufacturing industry solution, offers us the best possible coverage of our system requirements combined with long-term investment protection. We are now anticipating a rapid implementation and a quantifiable increase in our productivity.”
The project has clear goals: to reduce the number of different IT systems in the company and at the same time make the overall process faster and more efficient. One of the key points of the launch agenda for it.manufacturing is also transparent intercompany mapping in the IT system in the small company group. The advantage: Using the new SAP ERP solution reduces the TCO and fixed costs – something that is possible using the SAP standard functions alone. Also, with it.manufacturing, the SAP variant configuration supports and accelerates technically and commercially correctly calculated offers. This is a key point, as – as an extended workbench and contract manufacturing service provider – the SME sheet metal/metal worker and SAP Gold Partner itelligence’s range meets SME’s requirements exactly it.manufacturing is the right SAP SME solution for Schröder Laserschneidtechnik system provider for metal components supplies the full range for the mechanical engineering industry – from construction, through mechanical processing with sheet or pipe lasering, rolling, edging, bending, welding, grinding, painting and galvanizing to coating sheet metal and metal components.
An SME SAP solution launch requires highly focused, constructive project work by the internal and external teams if the tight time and cost requirements are to be met. The introduction of it.manufacturing will begin in March 2007 on the basis of SAP ERP ECC 6.0 with UNICODE and MAX DB for 42 SAP users, who will be assisted in implementation and operation in outsourcing by itelligence in its data center. By January 2008, it will be processing the data for around 20,000 end products, 1,000 manufacturing orders and 300 customer orders with SAP solution. Specifically, Schröder is using it.manufacturing in financial accounting and invoicing (FI), controlling (CO), sales and distribution (SD), materials management (MM), materials planning and production planning (PP). The SAP solution also includes manufacturing order pooling with a connection to the cutting optimization of the Trumpf laser cutting machines, staff time management and payroll (HR) and the PLM document management system (PLMDVS).
The significant of the project for itelligence is explained by Meinolf Schäfer, head of SME SAP sales at itelligence AG: “This new customer in SME sheet metal processing again highlights itelligence’s special expertise in SAP solution for small and medium-sized enterprises. The SAP standard with its implementation security thanks to a proven industry solution and an introduction method geared to SMEs are what are needed here.”

Source: itelligence AG