ZNA Hospital Network Chooses SAP And Partezis for New ERP Solution

The software will help streamline and integrate ZNA’s administrative processes on an open, scalable platform. ZNA is one of Europe’s 10 largest hospitals networks and the largest in Belgium. The contract between ZNA and Partezis was finalized on February 13, 2007. Implementation is under way and ZNA expects to start using the new software by January 2008. According to Jef Peeters, COO of ZNA, the choice for SAP and Partezis was based on the solution’s proven functionality and cost.
“High-performing IT systems are increasingly important to ZNA’s mission to offer high-quality healthcare to all, within a financially sound framework,” said Peeters. “We took the job of selecting a new ERP system extremely seriously, focusing on the proven qualities of the applications, the implementation plan, the maintenance services and the cost. At the end of a tough selection process, the Partezis’ SAP solution emerged as our preferred choice. It comes standard with excellent support for all financial and logistic processes and the flexibility to be expanded and modified to meet future needs. Partezis has proven its implementation capabilities for a large number of Flemish care institutions. We look forward to a productive partnership.”
Partezis serves as a partner in the area of business operations and IT support, focusing explicitly on care institutions such as hospitals, care homes and care institutions for children and the handicapped. “Creating economies of scale is essential for continued investment in quality and state-of-the-art information systems for the healthcare sector,” said Nicole Kempeneers, Partezis board member with special authority. “The partnership with ZNA – as well as with hospitals such as Erasmus in Brussels and other (Flemish) OCMW hospitals – shows we are able to operate perfectly in a pluralistic environment. We are therefore delighted to welcome a large group such as ZNA to our customer base and excited about the challenges and opportunities for expansion this offers.”
“With SAP’s more than 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry, serving over 1,000 hospitals around the world, ZNA can look forward to working with a proven healthcare IT solution, adapted to the hospital’s needs by the experts of Partezis,” said Harald Pitz, vice president, Healthcare, SAP. “Plus, with more than 50 other Flemish hospitals running SAP software, ZNA will benefit from the shared experience and best practices of a strong local user community.”

Source: Partezis