Networking All Krombacher Locations

Besides the reduction in operating costs, the other important factors behind the decision to outsource the network operation were improved service quality and network stability. The technical basis for the inter-connection of locations is formed by so-called MPLS technology (Multinational Protocol Label Switching). MPLS enables individual prioritization of data traffic, avoids bottlenecks in transmission and guarantees that even in periods of peak demand critical applications always maintain high-performance and reliability. The corporate network thus enables not just shared access to the central SAP solution at the head office in Kreuztal but also, for example, sales control, production operation and storage management as well as e-mail traffic and time & attendance records. In addition to this the new solution offers centrally provided, highly secure Internet access for all locations, via the Pironet NDH data center.
“The Corporate Network forms the backbone of our production, administration and sales,” emphasizes Hermann Grotmann, head of the Krombacher Brewery Information Technology department, with regard to the significance of the new corporate network. “The highest priority for us is therefore the performance and system stability of the technology, as well as a reliable service. Pironet NDH proved to be a professional and dedicated partner for our IT team during the last migration phase, as we moved onto the new network.”
Andreas Hollatz, the director of Corporate Networks Operations for Pironet NDH, is also excited about the new collaboration: “Companies with a decentralized sales and field service organization benefit especially from time and place-independent data access over an efficient corporate network. The MPLS technology employed also keeps all options open for the Krombacher Brewery with regard to future network-based value-added services such as Corporate VoIP.”

Source: Pironet NDH