Nomos Publishing House Implements SAP Industry Solution

The medium-sized specialist publishing company has succeeded in quickly adapting this application, actually designed for large publishers, to their specialist needs. They were supported by the IT department at the C.H. Beck publishing house and IDS Scheer, the international solution provider for processes and IT, with its products from the ARIS Platform. The Nomos publishing house had set itself the objective of attaining the highest possible quality level in author fee settlement, while reducing the time spent creating and posting fee settlements. At the same time, the publisher wanted to extend and improve its author support service. Holistic, new solutions that make the grade are primarily geared to the requirements and opportunities of large publishers, and are supposedly too expensive for SMEs. Based on the SAP IPM and with the support of IDS Scheer, this project was evidence to the contrary.
After the initial identification of the specialist requirements, a small team began work on the project in mid-September 2006. The finished fee settlement for the publisher for the year 2006 was hot off the press at the end of January 2007. This enabled Nomos to start making automatic postings for financial accounting and payment runs to the authors – in record time and the result of an excellent partnership. “The Nomos publishing house relied on high-performance IT support to increase efficiency and to improve cooperation with the authors,” explains Manfred Stäbel, CFO of Nomos. “I am delighted that the project team succeeded in adapting the SAP solution to the requirements of our medium-sized company, and in such a short time. Our authors, employees and our competitiveness in the market will benefit from this considerably.”
Using a coaching approach, a team was created comprising members of the Nomos technical department, SAP advisors from the central IT department at C.H.Beck and IDS Scheer consultants. The independent business logic of Nomos regarding fee settlement was structured, data was migrated from the legacy system, and the solution based on SAP IPM and SAP CRM was implemented, right through to integration in financial accounting in SAP R/3 software – all in a short space of time and using ARIS methodology.
“When IDS Scheer talks about IT services for SMEs, this means not only optimizing financial accounting, but also the process-oriented adaptation of complex SAP applications in the publishing industry, from the logistics to Intellectual Property Right Management. In this way, we are not simply supporting the customers, we are also gaining access to new business fields that cannot be reached using traditional SME solutions,” says Dr. Dirk Oevermann, Member of the Executive Board with responsibility for the Consulting Business of IDS Scheer.

Source: IDS Scheer AG