SAP’s 2006 Annual Report Available

Both reports can be accessed and ordered via SAP’s website, via phone +1-877-727-7862 or by sending an e-mail to As previously disclosed in its 2006 year end results press release, beginning in the first quarter of 2007, SAP will realign its income statement to provide additional transparency for reporting potential new product revenue streams.
Although currently not material, SAP added a new revenue line item called “subscription and other software related services revenue” as the basis of the realignment, in addition to changing the name of the line item “product revenues” to “software and software related services revenue.” Therefore, “software and software related services revenue” equals “software revenue” plus “support revenue” (formerly called “maintenance revenue”) plus “subscription and other software related services revenue.”
The realigned 2006 quarterly income statements along with explanations and details of the realignment can also be found at the website. In the 2006 Annual Report and Form 20-F, SAP provided additional information regarding the new line item “subscription and other related software services.” SAP stated that for 2007 it expects “subscription and other related software services” to account for approximately 2 percent to 4 percent of “software and software related services revenue.”

Source: SAP AG