Day & Zimmermann and Dassian Inc. Launch Joint Venture

The joint venture, dubbed Day & Zimmermann Dassian LLC, combines Dassian’s capabilities to design and support extensions to SAP applications with Day & Zimmermann’s extensive experience with SAP application implementations in defense markets.
“Dassian’s software products and support services compliment and further extend the core SAP application, providing project managers a solution for reaping greater margins, hitting cost targets more effectively, and staying on schedule.” says Dan Murphy, President of Dassian Inc. “Day & Zimmermann and its clients in the government and defense industry have benefited from their superior SAP application model for nearly 10 years. Now, they, along with SAP users across the globe, have access to the most powerful SAP application for product lifecycle management on the market, empowering them with greater business functionality, utility, and value.”
Day & Zimmermann Dassian will market and install SAP-based applications to project-based companies and organizations in the U.S., specifically in aerospace and defense, engineering and construction, government agencies, and professional services providers. The software capitalizes on SAP’s latest design-enabling functionality to manipulate the data in SAP applications and enhance the end users’ productivity. It also allows shared visibility into operations. As a result, Day & Zimmermann Dassian’s solutions will help clients address the following distinct needs:

  • Detailed project management planning and controls
  • Powerful schedule data integration with 3rd party tools e.g. MS Project
  • Flexible and detailed cost accounting integrated with schedule
  • Powerful Project based Health and Safety data integration and management
  • Contract management controls related to contract funding and billing

“The enhanced functionality of Dassian-built solutions allows SAP users to manage projects more efficiently and achieve greater control over cost and schedule,” says Larry Ames, President of Day & Zimmermann’s Government Services division. “Out-of-the-box software often limits the level of program and contract management users can retain and they’re just not able to get all the value out of the solution that they truly need. Now they can.”

Source: Day & Zimmermann