Worldwide Market Share Leader for CRM, ERP, and SCM

The Gartner report detailing worldwide CRM market share (“Market Share: CRM Software, Worldwide, 2006;” Sharon Mertz, Chris Pang, Yanna Dharmasthira; June 2007) finds SAP leading the CRM market, as measured by total CRM software revenues for 2006, with a total market share of 25.7 percent, placing 10 percentage points above its closest competitor.
The latest Gartner report on worldwide ERP market share (“Market Share: ERP Software, Worldwide, 2006;” Chris Pang, Chad Eschinger, Yanna Dharmasthira and Koji Motoyoshi; July 2007) estimates that SAP leads the ERP market, as measured by total software revenues for 2006, with a total market share of 27 percent worldwide. This measure surpasses SAP’s closest competitor in the space by 13.8 percent of worldwide ERP market share. Within the ERP market, SAP is also further noted as the leader in several relevant categories, including financials and human capital management solutions.
The Gartner report profiling worldwide SCM market share (“Market Share: SCM Software, Worldwide, 2006;” Chad Eschinger, Chris Pang, Yanna Dharmasthira, Koji Motoyoshi; June 2007) states that SAP is leading the SCM market, as measured by total SCM software revenues for 2006, with a total market share of 19.7 percent, surpassing the second-ranked competitor at 14.9 percent.
“SAP is the leader of the worldwide applications market because of the value proposition we provide to our customers both on the individual application level as well as across our entire suite,” said Jim Hagemann Snabe, corporate officer, SAP Group, and member of the Executive Council, SAP AG. “The CRM, ERP and SCM applications from SAP offer our customers a smooth transition to enterprise service-oriented architecture, innovation with limited business disruption through our unparalleled program for solution enhancement, and a robust set of industry solutions for more than 26 industries.”
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Source: SAP AG