New Capabilities for SAP NetWeaver to Power Accelerated Business Innovation

The global availability of the anticipated offerings for SAP NetWeaver are aligned under four pillars: improved user access and productivity, accelerated application integration and business process composition, streamlined access to relevant and reliable information across the enterprise, and automated governance of enterprise service-oriented architecture (enterprise SOA). SAP announced the global release of SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment and Enterprise Services Repository. SAP also announced the forthcoming release of SAP NetWeaver Process Integration, expected by the end of 2007. The announcement was made at SAP TechEd ’07, being held in Las Vegas, Nevada, Oct. 1 – 5, 2007.

With SAP NetWeaver, customers and partners can maintain a stable application foundation while leveraging the newly delivered technology platform extensions to drive business growth. SAP Business Suite customers can deploy these new SAP NetWeaver capabilities and enhancements in an incremental manner to existing SAP NetWeaver and SAP ERP deployments. Momentum around SAP NetWeaver continues at a rapid pace, as more CIOs select SAP NetWeaver as the technology platform of choice to realize innovation without disruption (see Oct. 2, 2007 press release titled, “SAP Customers Demonstrate Accelerated Innovation on the SAP Platform”).

Accelerated Innovation Across Heterogeneous IT Landscapes

SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment (SAP NetWeaver CE) delivers an integrated set of next-generation tools that customers, partners and SAP use for the composition and deployment of standards-based composite applications. SAP NetWeaver CE supports Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 5 and leverages an Eclipse-based integrated environment used to compose business processes across heterogeneous IT assets based on services from SAP, its customers, partners and the World Wide Web. While SAP NetWeaver CE is the natural choice for SAP customers to compose enterprise services provided by SAP Business Suite, SAP NetWeaver CE has been designed to work across heterogeneous IT landscapes.
SAP now also offers a new version of Enterprise Services Repository to help organizations better govern and manage projects based on enterprise SOA. Unlike other SOA governance and management solutions that focus only on Web services management, SAP provides an Enterprise Services Repository solution that additionally manages business process models and business object models. Customers and partners can also ensure common business semantics for ease of composition and reuse by using SAP’s own best practices and processes for enterprise service creation, management and governance. With SAP NetWeaver having reached critical mass within its partner community, Enterprise Services Repository features a UDDI 3.0 registry that contains the definitions of thousands of productized enterprise services that are delivered by SAP Business Suite and were co-defined by SAP, its partners and customers.
SAP NetWeaver Process Integration, an evolution of the SAP NetWeaver® Exchange Infrastructure, will further strengthen SAP’s leadership in enterprise SOA. This offering includes support for additional industry standards such as Web Services Reliable Messaging (WSRM) as well as higher performance and throughput. In addition to significantly enhanced performance characteristics, SAP NetWeaver PI features a new event infrastructure that allows companies to actively monitor business events and resolve alerts in real time. SAP NetWeaver PI will be available to early customers in December 2007.
“With IT playing an increasingly strategic role for companies around the world, CIOs need a strategic business process platform that supports existing and future IT investments, allows them to innovate without disruption, and provides an important governance component, all within an SOA environment,” said Klaus Kreplin, corporate officer and member of the Executive Council, head of SAP NetWeaver Technology, SAP AG. “Strong customer support of our SAP NetWeaver platform, along with continued rapid customer adoption of SAP ERP, sends a clear signal that SAP is providing the winning combination of open technology and service-enabled applications to the marketplace.”
Since outlining its 2007 road map of innovations for the platform (see April 24, 2007 press release titled, “SAP Unveils Road Map for Next Wave of SAP NetWeaver Innovations” ), SAP has continued to measure accelerated adoption rates for SAP NetWeaver.

SAP Previews Innovations to Come in 2008

At SAP TechEd ’07, SAP is previewing a number of forthcoming innovations that will be introduced throughout 2008, along with featured partner products and endorsed business solutions. The previews include:

  • Enhancement packages that allow a selective install of new functionality and enterprise services based on the switch framework
  • Web 2.0 capabilities to be delivered in late 2007
  • Industry-focused enterprise services

Additionally, SAP is previewing its business process management (BPM) road map designed to empower business process experts to collaboratively manage composite business processes, spanning SAP and non-SAP applications, on a live, executable model. SAP sees major industry trends driving this effort:

  • Individualization of business processes so that users, as process participants, can work in a way that is most effective for them
  • Combination of process elements such as business events, business rules, people’s roles and task flows into one process experience
  • Evolution of standards such as the business process modeling notation (BPMN) mutually accepted by business analysts and process architects alike

The incorporation of composition, integration, services and application components into SAP NetWeaver not only gives customers a powerful environment to manage business processes on the “edge” of best practices processes implemented in SAP Business Suite, but also lays the foundation for business process management in the world of enterprise SOA.
“In a world of increased speed of transformation in business networks, organizations are looking toward business process management to increase transparency, effectiveness and agility of business processes,” says Janelle Hill, research VP, Business Process Improvement, Gartner. “A key requirement is to turn previously implicit processes, mostly captured in people’s experience and embedded in business software, into explicit processes for easier management. The industry increasingly responds to this requirement with integrated tools that allow multiple roles to collaborate on a common, directly executable process model, supported by pre-packaged business process content to be used in composite business processes.”

SAP NetWeaver Momentum Continues to Build

As reported in its second quarter and half-year 2007 preliminary results, SAP has more than 13,000 SAP NetWeaver customers, with more than 18,000 productive systems, and saw 50 percent growth of SAP NetWeaver revenue in H1 2007. SAP Developer Network has climbed from 600,000 to more than 900,000 members in one year. Members represent 120 countries and 100 territories worldwide. The Business Process Expert community achieved the 200,000-member milestone, just one year after its official launch. And the industry value networks continue to thrive across 13 industries including aerospace and defense, automotive, banking, chemicals, consumer products, mill products (forest and paper), high tech, mining, oil and gas, public sector, retail, travel and transportation services and utilities. The Enterprise Services Community has more than 200 members and 20 active community definition groups (see Oct. 2, 2007 press release titled, “Leading Research Firm Declares SAP Ecosystem an Economy of its Own”).

SAP TechEd ’07 in Las Vegas, Munich, Shanghai and Bangalore

More than 15,000 SAP customers, partners and technical experts are convening at SAP® TechEd ’07 to learn how to transform existing business processes and IT landscapes and take advantage of the power and flexibility of enterprise service-oriented architecture. Celebrating its 11th anniversary, SAP’s largest ecosystem education event of the year offers more than 1,000 hours of lecture-driven and hands-on sessions. SAP TechEd is being held in Las Vegas on October 1-5, Munich on October 17-19, Shanghai on November 6-7 and Bangalore on November 28-30. For more information, please visit

Source: SAP AG