Ondal Expands Its Competence in Human Resources

Ondal Industrietechnik, with subsidiaries in China and the USA, develops and manufactures pendant systems for medical equipment and supply systems for intensive care. Ondal Industrietechnik is one of the leading producers in Europe of controls for saunas, infrared cabins and colored lighting systems.
An additional business area is hairdresser technology, in which haircutting machines, hood-style hairdryers, infrared heat and steam equipment is manufactured. In addition, Ondal is the leading manufacturer for automated machinery for processing of adhesive tape which is used in the automotive and automotive supplier industry. In 2006, the company of 450 employees achieved revenues of around EUR 73 million.
The SAP HR areas of personnel billing, time management, organization management, the Entgelt-Rahmenabkommen (ERA – Framework for reforming collective wage agreements), Betriebliche Altersvorsorge (BAV – Corporate pension plans), travel expenses and personnel cost planning are included in the implementation. The entire HR division of more than 200 SAP users is hosted by itelligence.
Helmut Weppler, Head of Personnel and HR Project Manager at Ondal Industrietechnik explained his choice: “As an international midmarket company, we have made the right choice with itelligence and have found a full-service SAP service provider with competent knowledge of the industry that can provide us with a complete package of SAP HR services and can fully assume the routine activities in human resources. Now, we are concentrating on personnel development, applicant management and the optimization of HR processes.”
On July 1, 2007, the Wella Group sold Ondal Industrietechnik to the affiliated company, Findos Investor. With this spin-off from the large corporation, the newly formed midmarket company is establishing its own SAP HR competency in human resources for its new flexible structures with the support of itelligence. The full-service IT service provider from Bielefeld has taken over routine activities such as maintenance of the SAP HR system, basic activities; SAP hosting and HR output management, printing and posting pay statements.

Source: itelligence