PBS Nearline Storage Solution with Two Technologies

This means that PBS can offer the only Nearline Storage Solution that supports two different technologies certified by SAP. One is the already proven CBW NLS. based on the SAP Archive Development Kit, that requires no additional hardware, and the other is the enhancement with Sybase IQ that supports flexible and extremely fast queries, even when very high data volumes are involved.
The analytic server Sybase IQ is a leading product used for the compressed storage of Data Warehouse mass data in conjunction with highly optimized analysis queries. The new PBS CBW interface for Sybase IQ enables the first-time usage for the nearline area of SAP NetWeaver. Customers that particularly benefit the most from this are those with large data volumes and high performance and scalability requirements.
If you would like experience firsthand the capabilities of the PBS CBW IQ Nearline Storage Solution, please take the opportunity to test CBW IQ free-of-charge and without obligation for two months. For more information, please send an e-mail to info@pbs-software.com

Source: PBS