Roy Anderson to Build Growth with SAP

RAC considered several other solutions from vendors such as Oracle and Timberline, but determined SAP was best able to meet its needs for improved management of construction projects, optimization of data integrity and support for the company’s growth plan.

RAC decided to replace its existing IT architecture, comprised of a construction management system by CGC, with a comprehensive technology platform based on SAP solutions to address several business issues, including siloed information and integrating systems from acquired businesses. In 2006, RAC employed more than 500 full-time employees and thousands of sub-contract employees working on notable construction projects, including the Harrah’s Grand Casino in Biloxi, Mississippi and The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Biloxi, Mississippi.

“The level of visibility SAP provides across all levels of our organization is a critical driver for improving RAC’s top and bottom line,” said Bill Ponseti, CIO, RAC. “Increasing efficiencies and eliminating roadblocks for future growth – particularly in analyzing job scope and costs and automating manual reporting, HR, payroll and other process – is paramount for RAC.”

In order to integrate in-house developed software and third-party systems following the acquisition of another construction company, RAC needed a software platform that could support its existing business processes and integrate seamlessly with its existing IT landscape. By implementing SAP for EC&O, RAC is gaining true governance and seamless data transparency to manage its complex construction projects. The company plans to use SAP for EC&O to handle human resources, project management and scheduling capabilities, and to automate reporting functions to increase efficiency and positive financial performance. In the past, RAC’s legacy systems often made project data unavailable, leading to a negative financial impact on some projects.

The SAP for EC&O solution portfolio will be implemented by SAP channel partner et alia, which will leverage CREW, et alia’s pre-configured SAP Business All-in-One solution tailored for the business needs of small and midsize construction companies. The rollout is under way for operations in RAC’s corporate office in Gulfport, Mississippi and numerous on-site offices of RAC in the United States.