Step-by-Step Innovation

On October 28, Bill McDermott, president & CEO, SAP Americas and Asia-Pacific-Japan and SAP Japan CEO Robert Enslin, together with president of the Japan SAP Users’ Group (JSUG) Masayuki Tsuzuki, opened SAPPHIRE and the annual JSUG meeting.

The collocation of the events allowed the 800 SAPPHIRE attendees to also take part in user group workshops. A session on how to ease the upgrade to SAP ERP 6.0 was particularly well attended – not surprising considering 65 percent of SAP ERP customers are planning an upgrade.
SAP CEO Henning Kagermann held his keynote on innovation and how SAP customers can continually add new functionality without costly upgrades thanks to enterprise service-oriented architecture (enterprise SOA).
Many companies in Japan toil with their home-grown IT landscape upgraded by means of numerous add-ons. “For the first time, companies can integrate these heterogeneous systems with enhancement packages thanks to enterprise SOA,” Kagermann said. “With SAP ERP 6.0, the core remains stable, and customers can decide for themselves which enhancement packages they want to add to meet their business requirements.”

Companies such as Olympus have already seen the advantages of this flexible model, which allows them to adjust their business processes quickly and according to their specific needs.
The event ended with a mini-MBA lecture series from Hitotsubashi University in Tokyo, including a presentation on how companies can differentiate themselves from their competition through innovation.