SAP Transforms the HR System at US Postal Service

Using SAP software, the new platform replaces a system that supported more than 3,800 postal service HR professionals relying on more than 200 processes and some 70 systems to provide HR services to nearly 700,000 employees. Labor-intensive paper-based HR tasks have been streamlined and employees now have information at their fingertips.
Utilizing the flexible and fully integrated SAP ERP application, the new postal HR system consolidates benefits and employment functions into an easy-to-use, accessible and secure environment. It provides USPS employees with self-service tools to guide the management of individual benefits and personnel information, while reducing overall administrative costs, paper usage and operating costs. The system improves employee productivity levels by enabling the workforce to make informed decisions in real time and easing the administrative burden so that employees can spend more time focusing on delivering more efficient service.
Today, all USPS employees, in more than 32,000 locations around the United States, are experiencing numerous benefits from the new system, including:

  • Access to an enhanced platform for employee self service 24 hours a day, seven days a week that includes the ability to update emergency contact information, update mailing addresses, and access automated job bidding for bargaining unit employees.
  • The new HR initiative also includes a shared services center in Greensboro, North Carolina. The professionally trained, full-service facility is staffed by career postal HR personnel who provide assistance to employees who need to speak directly with an HR professional. The shared service center team provides assistance to employees in completing transactions that are more complex in nature.

Shared services IT deployments such as this one allow governments to focus their limited resources on value-added activities that are central to their missions, rather than on routine administrative and transactional functions. The end result is improved outcomes at a lower cost for public sector stakeholders, and ultimately, maximized public value.
“As the primary employer of one-third of the U.S. federal civilian workforce, the USPS is an extraordinarily large government organization and represents the largest single implementation of SAP ERP HCM in the world,” said Pat Bakey, president, SAP Public Services, Inc. “This project serves as a model for all levels of forward-thinking government that are looking to more effectively deliver on their organizational missions through the use of technology. We have worked closely with the USPS to rapidly achieve its vision of superior operational efficiencies and faster delivery of high-quality employee and customer services.”

Source: SAP AG